Today in Duran Duran History – DD14

One year ago today, the band entered the studio to begin work on what we openly refer to as #DD14.

Maybe some of you are thinking, “Wait a minute – weren’t they in the studio prior to this?  They were on ‘hiatus’ after the tour for a few months, right?”  The answer is yes.  The tour ended with Nick  becoming ill at the very end of August (although the final scheduled tour date would have been September 1st.), and shortly after we did hear that members of the band had met at Dom’s studio – whether actual writing was done or it was just a jam session (oh to be a fly on the wall…), we may never really know.  But the band also took holidays, convening on this date last year to begin work on DD14 in earnest.

As recently as this past weekend, John Taylor spoke to fans at the London Bass show, telling them that he doubted there would be an album this year (and I’d just like to say that Roger Taylor was SO off on his estimate of having an album ready by the end of 2012…ha ha!!), and that the band was in no hurry to get back out on the road…which is the same basic thing he has said for the past year.  Nick and other members, on the other hand, seem to be a little more optimistic about the release of an album this year.  It is only the beginning of March, and anything can happen.

Whether that means we’ll have an album in a year from now or even farther out remains to be seen, and I’ll leave the rest up to our readers to discuss and mull over.



5 thoughts on “Today in Duran Duran History – DD14”

  1. Although we are all anxious for new music from the band, I personally am fine with waiting if that means we’ll get another amazing album like AYNIN!

  2. Ultimately I don’t care. Yes I am impatient. I want concerts. I want to see my Duran friends and go to Duran shows. But my impatience or patience won’t make the release any quicker or any better. Just because they are taking their time… does not guarantee top quality either. It will be what it will be — whenever that will be.

  3. My very first reactions were to laugh hard on John and Roger Taylor: the former for his “pessimism”, the latter for his “optimism”.
    U2 too have slated their release of their new album? U2 are better, ‘coz, at least, they’re on the road, they got two songs out… : wheres we got nothing, not a snippet from the DD studio.
    I can understand their new pace, I see them like saying “We have achieved all in music, we got 6 Lifetime Achievement Awards, we still got many loyal fans out, lastly we’re in our 50s, for, we got no hurry of doing anything”, but to me, if so, the new pace sounds a bit selfish, a bit “too personal”.
    To end, if like U2 reported to Billboard, they need longer to re-create the magic in the band and to make a better than AYNIN album, I’d wait 100 years to see them back!
    #DD14 now it’s #DD15!

    1. The reality is that we don’t really have much of a choice – the band and album will take as long as they wish for it to take. If we’re here, fabulous. If not, I guess they figure there are others out there to play for. So, there you go. -R

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