Today in Duran History

For today’s historical point of interest, we are going way…way back. To last year!  Anybody remember 2013?!?

On this date in 2013, John Taylor appeared at a book signing for In the Pleasure Groove in Copenhagen.  Were you there?


One thought on “Today in Duran History”

  1. yes I was there it was an incredible day the weather was great and it was my first time in this wonderful city. John was very great and funny…. the best was that I wanted yhe poster of the event and they didn’t want to give any. I insist so much that one guy, maybe he had pity of me ? who knows…., rolls a poster and did a sign to me to come to,the door and gave me one… I was very happy!!!!

    The extraordinary “destiny” if I can say things like these, 2 days ago I was in London to see the guys and John signed me the poster!!!

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