Today in Duran History – A View to a Kill

On this date in 1985, the video for “A View to a Kill” aired on American Bandstand.  This is a particularly fitting day in history as just this week, the band’s social media reminded all of us that on this day, the song reached number one in the US.

I remember this day.  I remember Live Aid that also took place on this day.  I was helping my family who was in the process of moving and was desperate to get back home to see it.  I loved the song and even asked the new neighbor kids if they loved it as much as I did!  I knew that it would go to number one and totally believed that it deserved it!  As for the video, I, too, thought it was so clever then with the storyline and bit of dialogue.  Of course, the JT shots didn’t hurt!

What did you think of the song and the video in 1985??





One thought on “Today in Duran History – A View to a Kill”

  1. I can remember on summer 1985 I was twelve and was just a brand new Duranie.
    Our national Italian TV, RAI Television, had the exclusive (so they claimed…. ) to air the entire extended version of the clip in the opening part of a Sunday TV talk show, so I tried to delay my meetings with my friends ‘coz none of us wanted to miss the airing of the clip.
    Every new DD clip realized back then was the big thing, because they were considered the videomusic pioneers: they had the world’s eyes on their clips, today we are aware of it.
    Only a young 12 yrs old fan like me just perceived AVTAK as the awesome follow up “movie” to Wild Boys.

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