Today in Duran History – Alice FM

On today’s date in 2004, Duran Duran was interviewed on Alice 97.3 FM (San Francisco). I was hoping to find some audio of this on YouTube, but I came up empty handed.  For me, this time of year always brings me back to memories of 2004. I was deep within the throws of planning for the upcoming Friends of Mine convention in New Orleans, the band was eagerly doing promo for their soon-to-be-released Astronaut, and it seemed like nary a day went by without some news or an appearance from the band. The fan community was hopping with the excitement, and even though I didn’t have a single friend here in Orange County that was into the band like I was, thanks to the internet I never really felt alone. It all felt new and exciting. Little did I realize that it was just the beginning, and that I would have amazing times ahead.  

Jump ahead from 2004 to the year 2012, and on this very same date I saw Duran Duran at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Alabama. Not only did I see the band, I got ready at the crack of dawn in order to be at the front of the GA line, and on that fateful night, Amanda and I had front row.  It was a good night, to say the least…but better was on the way.

Just two years later, and we’re waiting for the newest Duran Duran album. It would appear that we still have quite a wait ahead, as the band recently suggested that the newest release “goal” is Spring of 2015 (I read somewhere that Nick is hoping for some point in the first half of the year…), but perhaps we’ll start seeing some promo and news to keep us going until the album drops.  Let’s hope!


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