Today in Duran History – All You Need Is Now Physical Release

On this day in 2011, the album, All You Need Is Now, was released on CD in the United States.  As a big fan of this album, as someone who truly embraced her fandom during this era, I cannot help but to look at this date, this anniversary and smile widely.

In thinking about this day, I actually went back to read the blog post from that day, which you can read here.  The blog post from that date features my partner-in-crime, feverish and anxious to get her hands on the physical album.  It tells how the local Best Buy had to search and search for their TWO copies of the exclusive edition.  Re-reading this filled me with joy–not that Rhonda was sick or that she struggled to get the album or, even though, it was funny, which it was.  No, what made my heart beat a little harder was how excited she was, I was, the entire Duran world was.  There was new Duran music!!!!  We all wanted this so desperately and, finally, the very long wait was over!

After the smile fades, I feel a wave of sadness.  I won’t lie.  I miss the band.  I miss the excitement of the AYNIN era.  I miss it all.  Instead of focusing on what I’m missing, though, I would rather hear about what your physical album release day was like.  Did you, too, search at Best Buy?  Did you struggle as much as Rhonda did?


3 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – All You Need Is Now Physical Release”

  1. I miss the band, me too.
    Having said that, I struggled because there were more than one album versions and I wished I could get the one featuring the Youth Kills remix. I found it one week later the official release.
    Happy anniversary #AYNIN #DD13 !!!

  2. Oh my gosh – I remember that day so well. I had the people at Best Buy crawling on the floor looking in boxes to find that silly CD! Do you remember Amanda, that I wasn’t even sure I WANTED the CD at first? I didn’t have it on preorder, and I wasn’t all that excited about getting it for the longest time, but something happened – I want to say that I heard Mark play some of the songs on his radio show or something, and after that, I was hooked, and I feel like you and I did everything we could have done in order to support that album…and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

    When I look back on that time, I smile. I had the best time, and I had the purest reasons possible for doing this blog, going to the shows and trying to promote some camaraderie amongst fans. I still do. We just need a reason to keep going, and I really hope the band sees that and feels the same.

    1. I do remember that you weren’t so sure about this album, R. I absolutely agree that we did everything we could to support this album and I will be forever grateful that we did. We do need a reason to keep going and I sure hope we get it soon. -A

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