Today in Duran History – All You Need Is Now Vinyl

On this date in 2011, Duran Duran’s album, All You Need Is Now, was released on vinyl in the US and in the UK.  For those of us who love vinyl, we were excited to buy this album in this format.  Ideally, collectors would love to buy every album on vinyl, but not all Duran albums were released on vinyl.  For example, Medazzaland and Pop Trash weren’t.  Yet, I really hope that all albums from here on out will be available on vinyl.

On another note, this silly little blog that you are reading right now was born 4 years ago today.  Whenever I think about this blog and how it has been around for so long and takes up some time on a daily basis, I’m amazed.  While not every moment with this blog has been fabulous, for the most part, it has been a tremendous experience and  we are both incredibly proud to have created what we did.


One thought on “Today in Duran History – All You Need Is Now Vinyl”

  1. I AM glad it was released on vinyl, BUT it would have been nice of them to tell us ahead of ordering that the UK one was the one in a gatefold cover with 180 gram vinyl and the US one was not. I would not have ordered 2 copies of the US one from Amazon. I would have just ordered the UK one first and gotten the US one later when I could afford to buy more. ALSO, i was so NOT pleased that NONE of the bonus tracks were included. Double vinyl and they can’t throw us ONE bone??? Don’t even get me STARTED on the deluxe version fiasco!! GGGGRRRR!!!!!

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