Today in Duran History – Andy and the Reunion

On this date in 2001, Andy Taylor confirmed that the band was reuniting on his website at the time,  I wish that I had been around to see that, but I was not paying a whole lot of attention to Duran Duran in 2001.  I was overwhelmed with becoming a good teacher and going to graduate school for my Master’s.

I find this particular fact in Duran history very interesting considering that I posted a poll yesterday about the Up Close and Personal Tour, which lasted from February to June of that year.  Clearly, this confirmation took place in the middle of the tour,  a tour that featured Warren on guitar.  While I knew that the reunion became known during the tour, it is another thing to see actual dates in black and white.  Then, the impact of this news is greater, more significant.

Do any of you remember seeing this and/or discussing this?  I would love to hear about how the fan community reacted to this.


3 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Andy and the Reunion”

  1. When I saw them in concert in NYC that year I couldn’t understand what happened to the chemistry during that show. Something just didn’t seem right. When Andy made that announcement, it all made sense!

  2. I saw them on that Up Close tour – I believe it was the first date of two at HOB in April, if I remember correctly, and I didn’t know anything about the reunion at all. It wasn’t until it was actually announced on (and probably a while after it was announced because back then I wasn’t online every day) that I heard…and needless to say I was shocked. I just figured so much time had passed by that point… I must have re-read the statement about 10 times before my brain accepted what my eyes were seeing. 😀 -R

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