Today in Duran History – Argentina 1993

On this date in 1993, Duran Duran played in Cordoba, Argentina, on their  Dilate Your Mind Tour of South America.  This little tour consisted of 4 shows in Argentina, a show in Uruguay, a show in Paraguay, a show in Venezuela and a show in Chile.  Did anyone see this particular show or any other show in this tour?

As I looked at the title of this tour, I’m reminded of one thing that Duran does that I have always thought is super cool.  I love that they use a lyrical phrase or line to title a tour or a DVD or some other project.  Dilate Your Mind is one of my favorites along with Sing Blue Silver, Strange Behaviour, Dancing on the Valentine, As the Lights Go Down and more.  What are your favorites?  Perhaps, this is why we often use lyrics to title our blog posts and more.


One thought on “Today in Duran History – Argentina 1993”

  1. Yeah, the guys seem to have fun using lyric lines for their tours.
    My fave ones are Sing Blue Silver, Strange Behaviour tour. I’d also mention Red Carpet Massacre and the All You need is Now tours, but they just read song titles.
    I was thinking instead of the funny tour names of the late ’90s, such as Greatest and Latest, Close up,
    Thank God they never mentioned “Pop Trash” in the titles: can you imagine the non-Duranie peeps’ and also the press comments if they used “Pop Trash”?.
    Nah… luckily, Warren, Nick and Simon never had that idea! LOL

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