Today in Duran History – Berlin 1982

On this date, Duran Duran played at Sektor in Berlin, West Germany.  Was anyone there?  Did anyone see this show?

What makes this show significant in my mind is that it is the last show before Duran Duran had to cancel 6 shows.  Why did they have to cancel shows?  For those of you who read John Taylor’s autobiography, you know the story.  For the rest of you, I’ll try to summarize here quickly.  The band arrived in Munich, ready to continue their tour.  That night, the band went to a concert and later to a club.  The night took a turn for the worse as Roger was been involved in a fight.  If that wasn’t enough, John, in a fit of rage, punched the glass light fixture and cut his hand, badly.  The band, then, was forced to cancel the rest of the German dates.  For shows scheduled after Germany, they brought in a bass player to play John’s parts.  Obviously, this was a pretty significant lowlight for the band and John, in particular.  I, for one, am just glad that everyone, including John could bounce back.


5 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Berlin 1982”

  1. Seriously late I realise however; I was stationed in Berlin from early 1982 through to the middle of 1984. Myself and 2 friends went to this gig at the Sektor (actually in the American Sector of what was then West Berlin) along with around 200 others. The Sektor was a large disco not really a live music venue. The show was great and afterwards we met the guys after I started speaking with one of the management who I thought was Simon Le Bon’s brother?? Any how a great memory for a 22 year impressionable young lad…….

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