Today in Duran History – Come Undone Video

On today’s date in 1993, Duran Duran filmed the video for the single, Come Undone.

According to the wiki on Come Undone, this video was directed by Julian Temple and filmed at the aquarium at the London Zoo.  So, what do you think of this video?  It isn’t a favorite of mine despite the fashion nod to the New Romantic era and how good the band looks.

4 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Come Undone Video”

  1. I have NEVER liked the video to this song. Not ever. I felt that it did an injustice to the song and struck chords in me personally that I didn’t need to feel. I have always liked the song itself. I actually really like it live (up until a certain finger licking section), and the lyrics really mean something to me, but the video completely turns me off. -R

    1. I disagree – from the ethereal quality of the various aquatic creatures , the theme of water gives a nod to the distorted guitar-riff that underpins the song – the video goes to show various scenarios showing what people turn to as an emotional crutch – from alcohol , another self or a partner – in times of need. The elderly couple watching their possessions float away amongst a flood turning and kissing each other is particularly poignant.

  2. I loved the clip and the song is still one of my fave tracks from the album.
    The guys were pioneers in filming their clips “on location” and they performed a bit everywhere, so far: studios, live on the stage, in exotic islands or beaches, in a circus (Serious).
    This time the shoot was close the aquarium of the London Zoo: well done, but hard to say whether the choice of this particular “venue”, so to speak, is somehow related to some “hidden” meaning of the lyric.(?).

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