Today in Duran History – Dom Brown’s Birthday!

On this date in 1972, Dom Brown was born!  How will I celebrate his big day?  I’m going to celebrate just like how I have celebrate the rest of the band–by showcasing his work but also some blog posts that highlight him as well!!!

Dom’s work with  Duran–


Live Performances:


Some blog posts about Dom!

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Interview Part 3

Taylor to Blue to Brown

Blue to Brown Review

Last but not least, I also found a fabulous little tribute video on YouTube, which you can see here!

I encourage all of you to listen, read and watch some Mr. Brown today and celebrate his birthday!!!


2 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Dom Brown’s Birthday!”

  1. I like that we’re saying Dom is young…because he’s only about a year and five months younger than I am. Not that I’m actually COUNTING…because that’d be just crazy! 😉

    You have some great video on here, Amanda!

    Happy Birthday Dom! You’ve got a ton of fans wishing you well on your FB page and on Twitter…you’re very much loved by many. Who knew that ONE little “stand-in” guitar appearance (where you needed to learn the band’s entire set list in like 48 hours) would turn into so much?!? I hope you’re spending your day with the people you love most and that you have a wonderful year ahead. Maybe you’ll even remember how to tweet…. 😉

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