Today in Duran History – Finland 1982

On this date in 1982, Duran Duran played at House of Culture in Helsinki, Finland.  This show was part of the Rio Tour.  In fact, it was in the second part of the Rio Tour as the Rio Tour was split into two parts when Duran Duran opened up for the band, Blondie.  In fact, Duran Duran has only playing in Finland for this tour.  They did have a show lined up for 2011 but it was one that was canceled and never rescheduled when Simon lost his voice.  Despite the lack of shows, they definitely have a very loyal following there.

I could actually find a set list for this show.  Would you like to see it?  Of course, you would!

Friends of Mine
Save a Prayer
Planet Earth
Careless Memories
Girls on Film
Hungry Like the Wolf
Night Boat
My Own Way
New Religion

What do you think of that set list?  It is interesting how many of those songs are staples in today’s set lists.


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