Today in Duran History – I Do What I Do and American Top 40

On this date in 1986, American Top 40 featured John Taylor’s I Do What I Do.  In the past, when we have mentioned how certain songs were featured, people weren’t sure what we meant.  This means, in my understanding, that the song was played or mentioned during this broadcast.  It doesn’t mean that the song was number one or even in the top 10.  It was just played.  For those of you who are not familiar with the American Top 40, it is a radio program that began in 1970 to count down the songs on the charts.  Over the course of its history, I’m sure there were plenty of Duran Duran songs or Duran Duran related songs played.  I know that I often listened to it when I was a kid, during the 1980s.  Now, I could care less due to the songs that actually chart these days.

All of that said, how did John’s first solo song do on the charts?  Here is what I found, which may or may not be accurate.

According to Wikipedia, it reached number 23 on the Billboard Top 100 and number 42 on the UK singles chart.  Does this seem accurate?



One thought on “Today in Duran History – I Do What I Do and American Top 40”

  1. great memories… and I can remember in Italy his debut solo single was still aired on the radio up to late 80s and it was still receiving rave reviews from our local DJs.
    Good days..
    Don’t know how much it helped John’s solo career to fly high years later commercially, but our boy is still pretty talented… who cares of the charts, today?

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