Today in Duran History – John Taylor 1999

On this date in 1999, John Taylor Terroristen played at Yucatan in Santa Barbara.  During that time, John played a number of solo gigs with many being in California.  Was anyone there?  I wonder what the set list was.  One thing that I always appreciated when I did see set lists of his is how he played a lot of his new, solo music but wasn’t afraid to bust out a Duran tune or two.  Now, he might change things a bit but he embraced his past.  Here is an example:

What do you think of his version of this Duran classic?


One thought on “Today in Duran History – John Taylor 1999”

  1. I can hear much rock and energy, I love the new rearrangement in this direction.
    OK, vocals can’t be the same as of Simon (totally forgiven) and he makes it sort of a dramatic vocal interpretation, especially just after the instrumental (i.e. when on the clip you have the two dancers).
    Amazing, interesting new JT !

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