Today in Duran History – John Taylor’s Birthday!

The rumor is that on this date in 1960 John Taylor was born!  It seems like I’m getting most of the birthdays this year.  Thus, I’ll celebrate John like I did with the other members with some of my favorite videos!  Of course, it is no secret that John is my favorite band member, which means that I could choose about 15 million different videos, but I will work to be highly selective!

A young Mr. Taylor:

The video that hooked me!

My favorite live!

Another one I always love live with the JoSi and John/Simon/Dom front and center:

John solo–Fields of Eden

John solo–Hey Day

John Taylor, Actor:

John Taylor, Author

Last but not least…one of my VERY, VERY FAVORITES:

What videos should I have included?  What would you include?

On that note, we wish John a very happy birthday!!!






8 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – John Taylor’s Birthday!”

  1. I have to admit the times I’ve met him I’ve been pretty calm. I think I was in shock basically. Was that Melissa McCarthy in that Samantha Who clip?!
    My heart always beats a little faster when I hear or see him…still;-)

  2. Hallo dailyduranie.

    What a wonderful video selection. My favorite is John as an actor. Who he is a rocker and crashed a room.
    He is my fav. Duranie. He has 4 days after me birthday and 6 days befor my son. I love him. And I like your Blog. Great work..

  3. First off, Happy birthday John!
    Secondly, great video selection.
    In my ideal video playlist for his birthday I’d add the Power Station “Get It On”.

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