Today in Duran History – KMEL Radio

On today’s date back in 1985, John and Andy (remember that guy?) were interviewed on KMEL radio in San Francisco, CA.

Ever curious about the back story, I did a search for KMEL radio, and it turns out that it’s “San Francisco’s home for Hip Hop and R&B these days.  Somehow, I suspect the format may have changed a bit since John and Andy graced their doorstep.   So I dig further to find that yes, when the station began in 1977 (prior to that it was known as KGO), it had an Album Oriented Rock format. It played cuts from about 30 known rock albums.  (Only thirty? Huh…and we wonder why some bands get no airplay…)  Then in 1984, they changed the format from AOR to modern rock (same basic idea as AOR, but the albums played were new as opposed to only playing rock from the 70s), and finally to contemporary hit radio.  An example of a contemporary hit played?  Well, the music coordinator at the time, Nick Bazoo, was credited with breaking the hit “One Night in Bangkok” in May of 1985.  So it’s easy to see where Duran might have fit into their formatting at the time.  And now KMEL plays Hip Hop.  You just never know…



One thought on “Today in Duran History – KMEL Radio”

  1. “106.5 K-M-E-L” was *my* station way back in the day. Indeed, they played pop hits, heavy on the DD.

    In April ’84, DD filmed “Arena” and “As the Lights Go Down” at the Oakland Coliseum Arena (just across the Bay). In the weeks leading up to the show, my co-conspirator/7th grade classmate and I established listening shifts in a feeble attempt to win tickets to the monumental show. Day in and day out (sans school), one of us would listen to KMEL for 2 hours and then take a 2-hour break, confident the other is in her distraction-free bedroom clutching a pulse-dial phone handset, vigilantly waiting for the DJ to announce that he’s looking for the Nth caller.

    We didn’t win. We didn’t go to the show. And to add salt to the wounds on our beats-just-for-Nick/JT hearts, KMEL eventually changed formats. Fortunately, Live 105 is still around to play alt-pop music, though it has more of a dark slant that KMEL always lacked.

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