Today in Duran History – Lady Gaga Mix

On this date in 2010, DJ Hero Party Mix Pack was made available for download and featured Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” mixed with Duran’s “Girls on Film.”  For those, like me, who didn’t know what the heck the DJ Hero Party Mix Pack was all about, it is for video game systems.  It is in the same genre as other games like Guitar Hero. The point of the game is to create a new song from using previously recorded songs through the use of record players and other sound effects.  The Party Mix Pack contained some well-known mixes that appear to be used for the game or as downloads on their own.

I was able to find a clip on YouTube so you can see a little bit of what the game is like and what it sounded like:

Has anyone played this game?  What do you think about the remix??



3 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Lady Gaga Mix”

  1. Wow, the game is just what I need when I’m low at making mixes of my fave songs (also with non DD tracks) !! LOL
    This Lady Gaga vs. DD mix is lovely, genuine and a little “beginner-style”, that is I think it sounds made by a non professional DJ like you and I could be.

    1. I believe the point of the clip isn’t to showcase an expert DJ but to show how the game works–that’s all. It isn’t showing an expert DJ–just a couple of game players. -A

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