Today in Duran History – Last Chance on the Stairway

On today’s date in 1981, Duran Duran wrote Last Chance on the Stairway.

This isn’t a song that I personally have seen many times live (if ever??), although the band did incorporate the song into the ElectroSet that they performed during the Red Carpet Massacre tour.  I envy those of you who had the opportunity to see that ElectroSet as I did not have the chance. At the time, I was at home, very sick, and “incubating”.

In any case, let’s watch a video, shall we? I found a few different clips of the ElectroSet, and this one – while not necessarily the most clear visually, struck me because Simon’s voice sounds fantastic.


2 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Last Chance on the Stairway”

  1. That tour (and the electroset) did a great deal to make me like RCM much more. There was a distinct difference between my appreciation of it before and after that show! I sent a thing to Ask Katy saying they should release some sort of live sampler of RCM songs and hits to drum up more interest in the album.

    1. That isn’t a bad idea for the band to release some of the live versions of songs off of RCM – my personal opinion is that a lot of them are much better live than they are on the album, but that is just me.

      That said, I didn’t see the electroset live (only on video), but even so – I don’t think that for ME personally the electroset did anything for songs directly off of RCM as much as it was a very unique way of presenting songs that they’d either never done live before, or rework songs from some of their albums – like Last Chance on the Stairway. No matter, I thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve managed to see from video and I really wish they’d do it (or something similar) again! -R

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