Today in Duran History – Last Day on Earth

On this date in 2000, Last Day on Earth was released as a single in Japan.  As far as I know, it was only released as a single there and marked only the second single off the Pop Trash album with Someone Else Not Me being the first.  I wonder why they decided to release this song only in Japan.  Anyone know?  As for the song itself, it is a track off Pop Trash that I do enjoy and really seems to fit the Duran philosophy of living in the moment since this song asks what you would do if this was the last day left.  It is all about the idea of seizing the moment and living one’s life fully each and everyday.  The same philosophy  was more recently heard in the song, All You Need Is Now.

Like All You Need Is Now, it is a song that often opened up the band’s shows on the Pop Trash tour.  Here is a live clip of it here:

This particular clip was recorded at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

What does everyone think of this song?  What do you think of this live performance?


4 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Last Day on Earth”

    1. I read that it was used to open that attraction. Not sure which came first–the single was decided then used or if they made the single to be used for the attraction. -A

  1. I saw one of the last shows they did with Warren before the reunion was announced, but I really don’t remember if this song was played or not. I’d like to think that had they played it, I would have remembered – but the truth is that I went to that show not really knowing anything much off of Pop Trash (sacrilege, yes) and so I don’t know that it would have struck a chord with me at the time unless it blew my socks off.

    In any case, I do really like this song – it’s one of the few off of this particular album that really sounds like DD to me.

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