Today in Duran History – London 1987 and Daily Question Update

On today’s date in 1987, Duran Duran played at the Palladium in London, according to  Did anyone attend that show?  What was it like?  What were shows of this tour like?  Clearly, this tour supporting the album, Notorious, was a popular tour in that many fans seemed to see Duran Duran for the first time during this tour based on the poll here.  I thought about why this tour, in particular, might have been people’s first tour, especially since the Notorious era wasn’t Duran’s most popular.  I think most fans would agree that the era that saw Seven and the Ragged Tiger released and the Sing Blue Silver tour happen was the most popular.  During that time, they sold the most albums, received the most press, etc., at least that is my perception.  Why then didn’t most people go to shows for the first time then??  I suspect that part of it might have to do with age of the fans.  To that end, this will be the next poll question that I will ask.  Watch this space!!!

Speaking of watching this space, if you have been following this blog here, on Facebook or Twitter, you know that we ask a daily question.    We have asked a variety of questions as part of this, including songs, merchandise, b-sides, videos, album covers, side projects, solo projects, and now pictures.  We asked about pictures of Simon and we have asked about pictures of Roger.  We received a lot more Roger pictures to ask about.  Thus, it has taken a long time to get through Roger.  For Roger fans, this is really cool and fun.  Others, though, would prefer a change.  It isn’t that they don’t like Roger but would like us to mix it up a bit.  I think this is fair.  After all, part of what we do here is to get fans involved and participating in their fandom.  If some people are losing interest, this bothers us.  We want everyone to WANT to participate.  Thus, the plan is to finish the Roger pictures from the 1980s to find the favorite Roger picture from that era.  Then, instead of moving on to Roger from 2000 to the present, we will break and move on to John.  We will find the favorite picture of John from the 1980s and then we will move back to Roger.

Thus, we NEED pictures of John to be sent to us!  Please send us your 5  favorite pictures of John Taylor to our email (, to our Facebook messages, or to our Twitter DMs.  Yes, we realize how challenging of a task it is to pick only 5 but this will keep the daily question for each and every fan fun.  If you send more than 5, we will use the first 5 you send UNLESS one of those is a duplicate that we had received from another fan.  We will collect these favorite John pictures until April 19th.  Also, please do not send personal photos as we need to post them and have people vote on them.  We can’t wait to see which pictures you send us!!!!


3 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – London 1987 and Daily Question Update”

  1. It wasn’t a gig at the palladium, they performed at The Secret Policeman’s Ball. Me & a few of my friends were front row & all left as soon as Duran had been on cos they were flying straight out after. Wish I could remember what they sang, but I think we made it to the airport!

  2. Yes, although I’m a Roger fan, I think a break is maybe what it takes right now.
    The 1987 tour? Only few of us were lucky enough to be permitted to go to the shows by their parents. (not me.. LOL!)

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