Today in Duran History – Long Island 2000

On this date in 2000, Duran Duran played at Jones Beach Amphitheatre in Wantaugh, NY (Long Island).  This show was part of the Pop Trash Tour.

According to, the setlist for that night was:

Last Day on Earth

Hungry Like the Wolf

New Moon on Monday

Playing with Uranium

Come Undone

Big Bang Generation

Ordinary World

Save a Prayer

Hallucinating Elvis

White Lines

Mars Meets Venus

Lava Lamp

Skin Trade

A View to a Kill

Too Much Information



All She Wants Is

Girls on Film

Does that seem accurate to those who attended?  Which songs off that setlist would you like to hear?


3 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Long Island 2000”

  1. In fact I was looking at the gems played in the set list.
    I’d love to hear Hallucinating Elvis and Big Bang Generation, they should be easy to play for John and Dom.

  2. Yes! Finally a show I actually attended! I still have a bootleg CD from that show as well. (I’d have to go find it to see if the setlist is accurate, but it looks about right at the moment). 🙂 ‘Last Day on Earth’ was a fantastic opener, and most of the songs went over really well. I will say though, that at that particular show, NMOM didn’t quite work. Maybe it was the audience lack of participation, or maybe where I was sitting was too close to a speaker, but Simon wanted the audience to sing the chorus at the end so that he could do the “I light my torch” bit over it. But the over-all effect sounded pretty awful. ‘Mars Meets Venus’, on the other hand, was amazing. It really made me appreciate an otherwise mediocre album track. 🙂 Hallucinating Elvis was a staple for that tour for sure, and of course he did the stupid dance with the silver shirt and sunglasses for that one. I even have pictures!
    I think the best song of that show was, by far, TMI. They rocked it and the audience was audibly much more into it than anything that came before it that night.
    In hindsight, there were signs of trouble within the band: they weren’t at their flashiest, there was precious little interaction on stage, and Simon in particular seemed a little worn out. But despite that, at the time it was a great show and one of my first. I will always remember it fondly. 🙂

    1. I love all of the details you have shared!!! I can imagine LDOE to be a great opener (Before the Rain is my favorite, for the record!) and I would love, love, love to see/hear TMI live again!!! Sorry to hear about NMOM. -A

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