Today in Duran History – Madison Square Garden

Attention all of you East Coasters out there….this one is for YOU!  On today’s date in 1987, Duran Duran played at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Pop quiz – how many times has the band played Madison Square Garden during the course of their career (so far, anyway!)?

I’ll let you all gnash away on that as I go write my portion of book club for this Monday!


3 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Madison Square Garden”

  1. Cynthia – that’s impressive. I was at one of the 1984 MSG shows. Do you remember which one was broadcast by Z-100 ( I think that was the second night – the night I attended). It was my very first concert.

  2. I’m sorry…after posting this yesterday I completely forgot my little pop quiz, and yes Cynthia – they’ve played there six times so far (by my count)! That’s pretty impressive for a band who had once hoped to just be able to play there once! 😀

    I remember those 1984 shows, Sean – I took my trusty Walkman radio with headphones to bed with me that night and listened to the show under the covers until I apparently squealed a bit too loud and was caught by my dad!! 😀 -R

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