Today in Duran History – Mexico 2011

On this date in 2011, Duran Duran played at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, Mexico.  Did any of you attend this show?    This show was one of the first shows of the long All You Need Is Now Tour.  I remember April of 2011.  I was so anxious for my shows.  I kept hearing about other people’s shows, which would only increase my excitement.  Why was I so excited?  Simple.  I loved this album and so could not wait to hear/see the songs performed live.  I already had my favorites and was intensely watching the set lists, wondering which songs from they were playing and which they weren’t.  I didn’t see all of my favorites performed but I did see quite a few.

Speaking of All You Need Is Now, I am continuing with the poll questions about how popular various tours were.  In looking into tours, I discovered just how many Duran tours there actually were.  I also found out that some tours were super short and some were super long.  Most recent tours have been lengthy and early tours were often really short.  Thus, when I beginning to compare which tours were more popular, I will do it by simply counting the number of shows people attended and the percentage of shows people attended.  Thus, watch this space to let us know how many shows you saw during the All You Need Is Now tour.


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