Today in Duran History – Out of my Mind

On this date in 1997, Duran Duran’s song, Out of my Mind, peaked at number 21 in the UK.  This song, of course, was on the Medazzaland album, but it was also released as a single on the soundtrack for the movie, The Saint.  In terms of Duran singles, it was their 28th single.  The single featured two b-sides:  Sinner or Saint (written specifically for the movie) and Silva Halo.

So, what do you think about this song’s chart position?  While it peaked at number 21 in the UK, it got to number 14 in Italy, according to Duran’s wikipedia page.  It did not chart in the States.  The other single from Medazzaland, Electric Barbarella, peaked at number 52 in the States and number 23 in the UK.  Thus, Out of my Mind did better than Electric Barbarella in the UK.  Fascinating.  Reaction?

Do you own the single?


Out of my Mind single

3 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Out of my Mind”

  1. I have always thought Out Of My Mind was underrated, One of my favorite Duran songs. I bought both Medazzaland and The Saint soundtrack.

  2. I bought both cd singles. Couple of good remixes on them. Reminds me of the American guy I was dating online at the time. Can’t believe that was 17 years ago!

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