Today in Duran History – Paper Magazine Beautiful People Party 2011

On this date in 2011, Duran Duran played at a private party for Paper Magazine.  The party was called “Beautiful People” and took place at the Hudson Hotel in New York City.  There is much to be found out about this party with a basic search on the internet.  First, according to the article here, the party cost $2000 to attend and featured quite a guest list.  This article had a couple of pictures of Duran and a short clip from their performance.  It is funny that when I think back to this time period, I don’t think we mentioned this show at all on the blog.  I suspect that a big reason that we didn’t is because there was SO much to talk about then.  There was so much going on in Duranland that we couldn’t talk about everything!  (Well, I suppose we could but…we had to sleep sometime!)

Right now, a big part of me misses the action, the excitement, the daily news about Duran Duran.  The other part of me can’t imagine that right now.  I am completely swamped in real life, which is why the poll about how old you were when you first saw Duran hasn’t gotten done.  That said, if there was something to talk about, if there something to get excited about, if there was something to be working on and working on seriously, I would not hesitate to act.  Why?  Simple.  It would bring me joy.  Happiness.  Something to look forward to.  Something to focus on.  Until then, I thought it might be fun to take a look back by reading the actual article from Paper Magazine, which you can find here.

It was an interesting read, for sure.  A number of topics were addressed including Mark Ronson vs. Timbaland, social networking, Andy Taylor and more.  Read it and then ask yourselves–three years later, does everything they say still seem current or do you think a lot of things have changed?


2 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Paper Magazine Beautiful People Party 2011”

  1. “All you need is now” has elements of the Fab Five music that Dom Brown was able to translate and to “transfer” to the 2000s with his sound so well….
    Apart from my confirmed good words just typed for Dom and after hearing LeBon’s latest update on the album, I think the band still suffer with the same horrible problems they claimed were given by Andy and Dom could be their salvation, if only they listened to him.

  2. I don’t know if I’ve heard Simon’s latest update for the album. The last little clip I saw – there was really no update other than he wasn’t talking. I mean, he just said they’d recorded a lot of stuff, and threw out a lot of stuff and now they were refining. But I do agree that many of the things they blamed Andy for over the years may not necessarily have been entirely due to Andy, and I’m sure that the band knows that. I mean, we all are who we are, you know?

    As for reading and reflecting, I must say that I’m not entirely sure of what all has changed since then. Primarily because these days, we’re back to the band not really talking much at all. In my opinion, the band has taken at least a half step backward from where they were at the time of this article in 2011. Now whether that’s due to recording, or a conscious decision, I can’t be entirely sure. I have seen that for the past couple of weeks, John has been more active on Instagram, which has been nice…and really so has Simon. I know we (and yes, I count Amanda and I into this category) are probably REALLY bugging them about the album and they’re trying to avoid talking about that, and I get it. What I think they miss – and by “they”, I mean ALL of them, from Roger (who is completely absent in social media right now) to Dom…is that they really don’t HAVE to talk about work. Yes, I know people might still ask. They also still tell them they love them and beg for attention too…and yet I think they’ve probably learned to ignore at least some of that. They could come onto Twitter and just talk about every day life – and they do. Simon is honestly pretty good at doing that. If you’re interested, you might respond, and if Simon is interested in what you’re saying, maybe he’ll respond back. That’s the whole “give and take” part of it, and to me – that’s entirely more interesting than talking about an album that they’re not ready to talk about yet.

    Sure, it might be boring to some. *coughs* MY life is probably really boring to many. For that matter, my fandom is probably really boring and mundane to 95% of the people out there who read blogs. The thing is: it’s all about sharing – and people who follow find those little juicy tidbits that interest them about a particular band member or about something they did, and those little things are what strengthen loyalty. It’s not just about the music. Maybe it used to be, but this is 2014…we’re much more multi-dimensional these days. Welcome to the complexity of the 21st century, you know? -R

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