Today in Duran History – Paris 1993

On this date in 1993, Duran Duran played at La Cigale in Paris, France.  Whenever I read or see anything about the Wedding Album Tour, I immediately think about how I saw the band for the first time during this tour.  This idea seems to fit with yesterday’s day in Duran history as Rhonda mentioned about how she wanted to be able to see a show in 1984.  I certainly did, too.  Well, I did after I found out about the tour!  I wasn’t really a Duranie until after the Sing Blue Silver tour was over as I always put my Duranie anniversary as April 1984 when The Reflex hit it big.  Anyway, I didn’t get to see Duran Duran live until 1993.

In 1993, I was graduating from high school and getting ready to attend college, out of state.  Really, Duran Duran was the last thing on my mind.  I never stopped loving them but I didn’t have many friends into them by this point and was busy living life.  Thus, I didn’t even know that they were touring until my one friend who liked them told me about the show.  When she suggested going (and can you believe that she had to suggest it?!?), I remember shrugging my shoulders and agreeing.  I distinctly recall agreeing because the show wasn’t far away and that the tickets weren’t that much money.  Now, I laugh at this since I have traveled far and gone out of my way to go see them many, many, many times in the last decade!  Silly me!

What was your first show?  How did you decide to go to that one?


6 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Paris 1993”

  1. My first show was the Astronaut tour in 2005, Milan.
    It was the right moment for me, mentally, personally and geographically since I was lucky they played in my town.
    I wasn’t disappointed at all and it was a night to remember. .

  2. My first show was in 1989 at the Universal Amphitheater in LA. I went with my then boyfriend Brian, who bought the tickets. Our seats were not good and I was nowhere near that stage, but I didn’t care. The thing I remember most from the show was that I actually wore a skirt. Hey, if you knew me…if you KNOW me…you know that I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. But anyway, I dressed up that night and realized soon after that I would never again make the mistake of wearing a skirt to a concert. It’s not my thing. 😉

    I also remember that Simon’s hair was longer than I expected, and that I didn’t think the band sounded that great live. In fact (I have to laugh here…I really hope none of them ever read this particular post), I remember telling Brian that I thought they were much better on the record than live. Obviously that’s changed over the years since then. Ha ha!! -R

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