Today in Duran History – Pop Trash

On this date in 2000, the album, Pop Trash, was released in the United States.  14 years ago!!!  Pop Trash is an album that is not frequently talked about within the fan community.  Why do you think that is?  Fans don’t think the songs are worthy?  They didn’t like the album as a whole?  Perhaps, people didn’t like the line-up at the time (Simon, Nick and Warren)?  Yet, as soon as I type this, I am certain that we will receive comments from fans who absolutely love Pop Trash.  I’m curious to hear why they love it and also why they think it is an album that is often dismissed within the fan community.

No matter the level of popularity of the album, I thought it might be fun to take another look at the album for it’s anniversary.

Pop Trash

The track listing for the album was as follows:


  • “Someone Else Not Me”
  • “Lava Lamp”
  • “Playing with Uranium”
  • “Hallucinating Elvis”
  • “Starting to Remember”
  • “Pop Trash Movie”
  • “Fragment”
  • “Mars Meets Venus”
  • “Lady Xanax”
  • “The Sun Doesn’t Shine Forever”
  • “Kiss Goodbye”
  • “Last Day on Earth”

There were a few bonus tracks as well for some international releases, including the song, “Someone Else Not Me” in both French and Spanish and a song called “Prototypes”.  The album featured one single, universally, “Someone Else Not Me”, which peaked at number 53 in the UK but did not chart in the US.  Japan saw an additional single in “Last Day on Earth” and “Playing with Uranium” was supposed to be a single in Italy, according to the album’s wikipedia page.  There was a video made for “Someone Else Not Me”, which was significant in that it was the first made entirely with flash animation.

Some other fun facts include:

-Released on Hollywood Records

-It was the only Duran album that John Taylor was not involved at all in the writing and recording process

-Produced by TV Mania in association with Syn Productions

-Pop Trash Movie was originally written by Nick and Warren and recorded first by Blondie

On this day, on this anniversary, I invite all of you to put the album on for, perhaps, the first time or for the one millionth time then tell us what you think about it.  Happy Anniversary Pop Trash!




5 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Pop Trash”

  1. I think it is overlooked now because it has been overshadowed by the original 5 reunion that happened a few years after this. Plus I think it had the least amount of promotion ever. It was maybe easier to miss unless you were a hardcore Duranie. I like the whole album. ESPECIALLY Someone Else Not ME.

  2. eu pixei pop trash no lixo perto da minha casa ( a primeira que fui morar sozinho ) .gosto de mars meets venus.

    1. Ok, so my understanding of Portuguese is pretty rough…nearly non-existent. If I plug this into google translate it says something to the effect that you found(?) Pop Trash in a garbage can by your house (the first house where you lived alone) and that you like (?) Mars Meets Venus…I think. Maybe. I’m hung up on the words “pixie” and “gosto”. Anyone who has a better grasp on Portuguese, please feel free to translate! 😀 -R

  3. i don’t think the album is awful though the subsequent tour showed that there was a lack of passion for these tracks. in my opinion it’s not the worst thing that they’ve done though it would fall towards the bottom of my list (still higher than Medazza and RCM).

  4. He Ronda & Amanda
    I mean that the music von Pop Trash is not the Sound from DD.
    I now that the guy are from album to album are fine a new style. But I don’t no … I comes no feling from this album. And the Label doesn’t promoted Pop Trash. That is what i mean.
    P.S I hope you understand what I mean, My english is not so good.

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