Today in Duran History – Power Station

On this date in 1985, the Power Station album peaked at number 6 in the United States.  The album was on the Billboard Top 200 chart for 44 weeks and featured three singles on the Hot 100 chart.  The three singles were:  Some Like It Hot (peaked at number 6), Get It On (peaked at number 9), and Communication (peaked at number 34).  Beyond the Billboard Top 200 album chart and the Hot 100 single chart, it also appeared on the Dance Club Songs chart and the Mainstream Rock Songs chart.  The Mainstream Rock Songs chart had both Get It On (peaked at 19) and Some Like It Hot (peaked at 34).  Some Like It Hot and the Heat Is On peaked at 17 on the Dance Club Songs chart.

On that note, let’s watch a little Some Like It Hot:


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