Today in Duran History – Power Station San Francisco

On this date in 1997, Power Station played at the Fillmore in San Francisco.  No, you did not read a typo.  Power Station did, indeed, tour in 1997.  Power Station reformed after their busy 1985, which saw the release of their 33 1/3 album with singles, Some Like It Hot, Get It On and Communication, and tour.  This Power Station version was a bit different, though.  While it started out with the original members of John, Andy, Tony Thompson and Robert Palmer, John, quickly, bowed out.  Bernard Edwards, producer of Power Station’s first album, and bassist for Chic, stepped in to play bass.  This version of Power Station did released an album, Living in Fear, in 1996.  Unfortunately, Bernard passed away before the tour started.  The tour continued with other bassists filling in.  Obviously, this version of Power Station did not have the same level of success as the 1985 one.

I wondered how this version was live.  Anyone there?  I would love to have people compare the two versions of Power Station.

No matter, let’s see a video of this version.


7 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Power Station San Francisco”

  1. I saw them in DC! September 25,1997… And I have 2 pictures: one of Andy and one of Robert Palmer! if you’d like I have them here with me! Let me know!:)

  2. I saw them at house of blues in hollywood. Nice to see Andy after so many years. Tony did an awesome thing when Robert Palmer introduced him, he just stopped playing, stood up from behind his drum kit, raised his arms out and smiled. No over the top 2 minute drum solo just simple. It was awesome. They sounded tight but the momentum was not the same, as when John was in the band in 85.

  3. Living in Fear was one of the first albums I purchased after my coma: I wanted it to be played during my rehab sessions.
    It wasn’t maybe commercially the top, but musically it sounded a more mature album than the debut.
    Thank you for sharing the live clip.

  4. I was at this show. It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.

    The Fillmore was never more than half full (if that) the entire show. Robert Palmer seemed really pissed the entire time, I would guess due to having to play a show to a half full house. At some point in the show, a woman jumped on stage and put her arm around the shoulder of Andy Taylor and it took security a long time to realize something was amiss and drag her of the stage. There was some super drunk dude yelling out for “Harvest For The World” the whole time– which they did not play..

    Robert Palmer ended the show wth a sneering “Until next time…yippie!”

    1. I totally agree, my cousin and I were at that show, we stood outside a bit after the show, waiting by the bus. Tony came out gave us the peace sign and got on the bus, Andy snubbed his nose at us, and walked right by without a word (we were the ONLY two people out there and we were calm and respectful, not the “Durannies from the 80’s), And then Robert came out, looked us right in the eye, downed his drink in his hand and walked by again without a word. I was heart broken…I still adore Andy, RIP Robert, and RIP Tony. I guess I didn’t remember them having such an attitude on stage, but now I guess I know why they were annoyed after the fact. I still enjoyed it!

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