Today in Duran History – Serious

On today’s date in 1990, Serious peaked at number 48 on the charts in the UK.

I don’t care what Nick Rhodes says, Serious is yet another example of an underrated Duran Duran song.  I still love that opening groove. In fact, we’re gonna watch the video right now and celebrate right along with the Gum Chewing Controller.  (You’re welcome, Nicholas. Anytime!!)

Happy Monday!


One thought on “Today in Duran History – Serious”

  1. By the way, I can remember that when the single came out, it was during the last part of 1990 I was still OK: it was just months before falling into my coma.
    I was excited, thrilled; Serious has always been one of my fave songs from that album.
    The day after the release at school I discussed on their music evolution with my back then mates.
    Good times!

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