Today in Duran History – Sydney 2008

On this date in 2008, Duran Duran played at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Sydney, Australia.  This show was part of the Red Carpet Massacre Tour, which started in the fall of 2007.  While it was no secret that Red Carpet Massacre isn’t a favorite album of mine, this tour had one really cool feature, in my experience.  No, it wasn’t the appearance of the Timbaland vocals.  It was the electro set.  Before I saw it for myself, I remember hearing about the electro set and thinking that this had to be one of the worst ideas Duran had yet!  I thought it sounded cheesy at best.  Besides, I wondered, if we needed more of a reason to remember that instrumentation beyond keyboards weren’t really featured on this album.

Then, I went to see one of those shows on Broadway that Duran did in November 2007.  It was a spur-of-the-moment decision in many ways for me as I didn’t buy tickets originally.  It was a great decision, though!  While the performance didn’t make me love Red Carpet Massacre, it did make me think better about it and better about a number of songs.  It also made me completely rethink the electro set idea.  The electro set I saw that night looked a lot like the electro set in Sydney, in terms of songs.  They played Last Chance on the Stairway, All She Wants Is, Warm Leatherette (cover), I Don’t Want Your Love, Skin Trade and Tempted.  I was lucky enough to also see them cover Kraftwerk’s song, Showroom Dummies.  Within 30 seconds of Showroom Dummies, I was in awe.  I loved how in sync they were.  I loved how focused they seemed to be.  I loved the song choices.  I took back everything that I had thought.  Now, I would certainly welcome a return of that!

What did the rest of you who saw the electro set think?  I did a little searching on YouTube so we can all enjoy!



One thought on “Today in Duran History – Sydney 2008”

  1. I saw three shows on that tour and the electroset was my favorite part. I LOVE big megamixes of multiple songs when they’re done really well, and this definitely was, for me. It was a good way to shakeup their presentation, and we got a few more songs out of them that they don’t normally play. Another big bonus: Roger out from behind the drum kit! I found a bootleg recording of the electroset from one of the Broadway shows and I regularly listen to it on my iPod.

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