Today in Duran History – Techno for Two

On this date in 2001, John Taylor released Techno for Two.  Our comments have been VERY quiet lately…so if you have this (Amanda you do not count!) or know about it, please share with the rest of the class!!  Whenever we post something about John’s solo efforts, or for that matter – anything that doesn’t have to do with Duran Duran directly, we receive comments that they didn’t even know such a thing existed.  Here is your chance to learn.  Look it up.  Check it out.


8 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Techno for Two”

  1. I did recently purchase “Feelings Are Good” and “Neurotic Outsiders”. Techno for Two seems almost impossible to find unless you want to put down some big $$. I was somewhat aware of John’s solo career while it was going on, but since I was miffed that he left DD, and I wasn’t thrilled by “I Do What I Do” in the past, I never bothered to check it out. I really liked the Neurotic Outsiders project, and there are some good tracks on Feelings Are Good. I still don’t find singing/songwriting his strongest area, but it was nice to have some additional insight. If I could find Techno for Two at a reasonable price, I might go for it just to work on completing my collection.
    I do absolutely LOVE “C’est Tout Est Noir”, though!
    What I can’t understand about myself is WHY it never occurred to me when I first got on the Internet to see if anyone from DD was on there! DOH! I didn’t even look until like 2000, a whole 7 years after I was introduced to the Internet.

    1. I highly recommend looking for the rest of his solo work. It shows a lot about him, as a person. It varied quite a bit and showed what he was really capable of beyond NO and Feelings. -A

  2. This is a GREAT cd…maybe his best solo work to date. Definitely check it out if you can track it down. I rarely see it on eBay, but when I do…it’s very pricey. Plus it contains my all-time favorite track of his called “Immortal”. I absolutely love that song!

  3. yes I got it but how not to have it ? honestly I can’t do without it… it’s a very good one but all the songs of John are good at least that’s my opinion… but you shouldn’t ask me about John’s solo I love!!!
    On this album very good song Immortal, 6000 miles or Just good friends but of course some others I wrote the ones I got in mind highly recommandedxxx

  4. I love the Techno 4 Two CD, and yes it was a pain to find at a reasonable price. I eventually found it on Amazon, and got the copy I now own. Immortal, and Tight are the 2 songs I personally like the most from the CD. JT has in my opinion a wonderful voice, but he does need to learn more about how to project his voice when he sings. Some of the lyrics are difficult to understand because the music was just a little louder than his singing. But, I still adore this album.

  5. I have most of his solo stuff and I’m very glad I do. I purchased it right before he closed his TTP website. John is not the strongest singer it’s true but enough of his material is good enough that it can be overlooked. Unfortunately, his most famous songs are what I consider his worst like firstly ‘I Do What I Do’. In truth however, though this song is his most famous it does not represent him well. I love the Japan album, Techno for Two, Retreat Into Art. Anyone should pay attention to these 3 albums. These are John at his best.

    1. I really like John’s songwriting – his lyrics are genuine and honest. While sure, there are stronger singers in the world, I think there is a lot to be said for authenticity and passion, and both of those things are evident in his work. I think that for me personally, those traits matter as much if not more than the range and power of one’s voice. Naturally everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I’m certainly not berating those who don’t like what they hear (not in the least), but I think that his work is very worthy of the time and effort to find and listen. -R

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