Today in Duran History – Top of the Pops

On today’s date in 1982, Top of the Pops aired the video for Save A Prayer. On this date, Save A Prayer entered their video countdown at #27. Think back, how many of you UK fans saw this particular show?

To refresh your memories, here’s the video from the show!

Additionally, on this date in 2012, a couple of people you might know saw Duran Duran play in Atlanta at Chastain Park.

Daily Duranie Atlanta 2012253924_10151139979077733_1623041373_nBy far, this show goes down on record as being the steamiest show I’ve attended. Chastain Park is a beautiful outdoor venue in a very unique setting. The park is basically in the middle of a neighborhood and the venue is dug down into the ground (I’m sure that helps with the noise). On this particular date, it had rained quite a bit throughout the day, and being that it was summer, it was quite warm and very humid. So, when one entered the venue that night, you could see the “fog” (seriously, it was steam) settling into the venue like a steam pit. Water dripped from the roof of the venue down the necks and backs of the people in the first several rows. No, my friends, it was not very “refreshing”…but as we rocked out with the band that night, we forgot all about the steam and heat! Good times! -R



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    1. We talked about doing that Memphis show, but in the end we agreed to just do the four following. In some ways I wish that I’d gone to Memphis, but you know…can’t have everything. -R

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