Today in Duran History – Top of the Pops: Perfect Day

On this day in 1995, Duran Duran appeared on Top of the Pops to perform Perfect Day.  In case you didn’t know, Top of the Pops was a show in the UK from the 1960s to 2006.  It featured performances of popular music artists and a run-down of the week’s singles chart.  From everything I know, appearing on the show was a big deal.  For an upcoming band, it meant that they had finally made it.  Duran Duran was on the show countless times to showcase everything from Planet Earth to Sunrise.  It is interesting to me that Duran still appeared on the show for a song like Perfect Day since it was a cover.  I was able to find it on youtube.  Here it is.  What do you think of the performance?


6 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Top of the Pops: Perfect Day”

  1. Oh, I thought you would mention the thing this performance is memorable for – the return of Roger on drums for a one-off TOTP performance! I was gobsmacked when I spotted him, and it wasn’t mentioned by anyone. I almost thought I’d imagined seeing him!

    1. Ok, so I didn’t know that about Roger – I mean, I do now that I see the video, but I don’t think I would have even WATCHED the video if you hadn’t said something – for some reason it didn’t even occur to me. But then, I’m really not the trivia guru here. I can barely remember what happened yesterday, and I’m not kidding about that. My brain is full. 😀 -R

  2. I read and I was told Roger was back on drums and appeared on a Tops of the Pops TV show, but YouTube arrived years later and this clip is one of my “top watches” ever!.
    Speaking of the performance as a whole, I think it just shows their “devotion” to Lou Reed, from the seriousness, so to speak, on their faces.

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