Today in Duran History – Uruguay

On todays date in 1993, Duran Duran played in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Not a country I hear about them hitting on tour very often, I must say.

And since I’m a little bored this morning….I will share a scenario here that was posted on our FB page by Miss Amanda over the weekend.  If you care to reply (and you should), please send us a comment!

You are stuck in an elevator with a rock star.  Who would you want it to be??

The way I see this, there are two ways to answer this question. Either you go for the knee jerk answer, in which you don’t even consider the circumstances and you say the first person to pop into your head.  I’ll bet that’s how most people would answer, and I think that’s great.  Then there’s me.  Do I actually think about what fun this could be?  No. Of course not. The very first thing I think of in this delightful fantasy situation is my anxiety.  I’m not fond of elevators. Too closed in, and the thought of being pulled up and lowered by cables kind of bothers me a bit.  Don’t get me wrong – I use them and everything, but I try not to think about it much. So the idea of being stuck in one is not at all amusing, and no, I really don’t care who it is beside me at the time (I just pray the elevator is not full).  I can just imagine getting onto an elevator only to find a band member standing there – or being in one only to have the doors open with one of them about to enter.  Awkward.  I mean, it would probably be the ONE time I’m wearing a DD t-shirt, or carrying one of my VIP bags or something.  And then to end up stuck?!?  I can just see it – I’d roll my eyes, shake my head and mumble something about it being my luck.  I’ll bet many of you would consider it good luck though.  Not me. I’d likely call those minutes among the most awkward of my life.  What would I say?  Probably nothing at first. I’d be standing there thinking about what to say.  LOL Better sound smart, Rhonda!!  You can only stand there quiet for so long though before acknowledging the situation, right??  So the question comes down to who it is beside me in that elevator.  Who would I not mind being stuck with?  Who would I most want to speak with?

Let’s just go with the knee jerk here and say Nick Rhodes.  Yeah, I know you thought I was going to say Dom.  😉


3 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Uruguay”

  1. OK – please tell me why the thought of meeting the boys makes you SO nervous? I’m quite fascinated by this. I’ve met each of them on several occasions (and I’m not bragging…I’ve just been lucky at running into them from time to time). Keep in mind…they are just human beings just like you and I are. As long as you give them respect and their space…they will return the favor. They are always very respectful and responsive to interactions with their fans…or at least that’s been my experience each time. John and Nick are SUPER friendly. Nick locks into eye contact with you as you are conversing w/ him. John likes to talk politics. Simon can be a bit aloof (he’s your typical front man of a band kind of guy), but he’s always nice. Dom is AMAZING (had a really cool 10 minute conversation w/ him during the AYNIN tour in ATL). Never had the opportunity to meet Andy though. I can still hope to meet him one day. Roger is still Roger (very shy at times).

    Don’t let them scare you. They’re just like we are. 🙂

    1. OK…so truthfully, my anxiety in this particular situation has to do with the elevator itself. I am slightly claustrophobic. I don’t panic in elevators per se, but I’ll put it this way: when I’m in a GA crowd, I have to either be up near the front and have enough room to move my arms…OR I have to be near the back and have room to dance. I don’t dare turn around to see the crowd pressing behind me. On an elevator, I really don’t have trouble unless it’s crowded…in which case I just hope the elevator doesn’t get stuck. So that’s the anxiety that goes through my head at first.

      However, it is true, the idea of meeting the band makes me nervous, which is funny because I’ve not really ever “met” them in that regard. Just the one signing…and I didn’t freak out then either. I just took a deep breath, did some major self-talk before I walked into the Virgin Megastore and insisted that my legs move towards the table and tried to speak to the band and not look or sound like an imbecile for the 2 minutes I may have actually been in front of any of them. It worked…but I had my then-seven year old with me as emotional backup. (she’s now 17…so there you go.I hope everyone now feels as “aged” as I do. 😉 *sigh*)

      I picked Nick though because while I would love to be able to talk with Dom in person once again, and truthfully I’d be the most comfortable with him because I already know he’s a pretty nice guy…I’ve never really had a conversation with anyone else in the band. Nick has a love for art and wine, which are two of my favorite subjects. -R

  2. Saying I’d love to meet Roger and to re-do with him the elevator scene off the Girl Panic clip is taken for granted.
    Nah.. Roger is OK only on the balcony … LOL!
    I’d pick John: I imagine him as a funny guy.. in an elevator, too

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