Today in Duran History – Viper Room, Voodoo and even UCLA…

On today’s date in Duran history….there has been a few exciting things to happen.

The thing is, we have a spreadsheet that we use to create this blog each day. I won’t go into a ton of detail (because it’s boring and none of you care), but we’ve got a ton of different things to share, so each day of each year we try to share a different “thing”.  For example, next year on October 30, I’ll be sharing something different than I will this year.  In any case, for this year I’m supposed to be following the tidbits for each date in column “C”.  Well, if you know me, you realize I don’t like following all the rules. So I’m not today.

On October 29 of 1995, Neurotic Outsiders played the Viper Room. Now that’s exciting because…well, it’s John Taylor. Enough said, right?

Except that, also on October 29, but in the year 2006, Duran Duran played the Voodoo Festival. The memory of this particular festival lies close to my heart because my friends – I survived Voodoo. I stood in the heat all day. I moshed (mostly against my will) along with thousands as My Chemical Romance took the stage. I sweated while praying that “the human hamster ball” would come nowhere near me while The Flaming Lips were onstage…and then, I was pushed, shoved, nearly tackled and CERTAINLY defiled by a very tall man’s arm pit as Duran Duran took the stage that night. What’s more, I can laugh about it now. But I’m still not doing another festival. Well, at least not sober. Probably.

ALSO on October 29, but this time in the year 2009, John Taylor spoke on a panel at UCLA for the 40th anniversary celebration of the internet. The topic was how the internet has changed music, or fandom…or all of it…and this, my friends, has everything to do with this blog, our research and manuscript in many ways, and even the fact that John Taylor joined Twitter and social media… until he apparently left Twitter (and social media) for the most part, because some people just do not understand boundaries or little things like common decency. Regardless, I strongly urge you to give his portion of the panel a listen. John is a fantastic orator, and it wasn’t long after this talk that he suddenly appeared on Twitter for the first time.

In fact, I found his speech on YouTube…check it out:

So, October 29th has historically been a pretty interesting day for Duran Duran…even if this year seems to be a bit quiet.  It’s the calm before the storm….



3 thoughts on “Today in Duran History – Viper Room, Voodoo and even UCLA…”

  1. I just joined your page..I think it is great! I also really just joined Twitter about a week ago. I have been on it for while but have not really started “tweeting” until now. Of course it has all been about Duran did notice that John used to tweet a lot with his fans and now does not say a whole lot. I am not sure what happened but it is too bad because he seemed to really enjoy it. Its too bad that a few people ruins it for everyone else. I am glad that I can at least follow what they are doing and I am enjoying meeting all the other “Duranies’ as I have met many super nice people in just this past week and hope to meet many more. I have been a fan for 30+ years-have only seen them twice unfortunately but will be changing that when they tour in 2015-2016. Last time they toured in Chicago Nick got sick so I missed them. Anyway, thanks for this site. Its awesome!

  2. Hi Michelle! Glad you found us!! I think that among other things, John probably got involved in life and has less and less time for Twitter…but yes, a few misguided souls tend to ruin it for everyone nearly every time. It’s unfortunate. I hope that he does return to social media at some point because I miss seeing his updates and the casual banter.

    You’re getting involved at just the right time, too because assuming all goes well, the band will likely do shows at some point next year, and fans tend to meet up and go to them together. It makes the whole touring (and overall just being a fan) thing SO much more fun. -R

    1. I am glad I joined as well..I have been on Facebook for years but Twitter made me nervous..I didn’t really understand it but my friend kept telling me to join so finally I did. I enjoy seeing all the posts from everyone and am getting a little better at it myself. It is alot easier folowing along with the news. That is how I found out about the movie in the nick of time so I was glad about that.

      I would be glad to do a fan meetup. I am also a “Disney Addict’ and we are doing the same thing for that when I go to Disney World next year. I enjoy meeting new people, especially those that have the same addicitions as mine.

      Glad to meet you and look forward to your posts!

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