Too Much Information (not really!)

News news news…I think I’ve got a little bit of everything to share this morning!

For those of us going through show withdrawals, a LIVE DVD of a recent show in Manchester England is coming out very soon. The DVD, titled, A Diamond in the Mind, Duran Duran – A Performance – 2011, will be released in early summer of 2012!  Hopefully it’ll tide us all over until we can get ourselves to another show, because as I am fond of saying – when the natives get restless, Duranies will eat one another for breakfast!!!  In addition, I know that David Lynch DVD of Unstaged is coming soon.  Nick…our fearless controller and keeper of DuranTime…has been mixing that in his “spare time”.  I’m hoping we see that DVD before I retire, but if not…it will still prove useful for many a Duranie drinking game, I am sure.  “When you see a hot dog superimposed on the screen, you must drink!”  Cheers!!!

Girl Panic!!  Did anyone happen to catch the interview John did for a Dubai website? One of the topics was the Girl Panic video.  So far it has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube.  John mentions that despite so many views, he doesn’t believe it’s sold even one extra mp3, then follows up by saying “you can see how the model has changed.” I see it, the band sees it, but how does one work with it?!  I’m the first to admit here, I have no ideas. I don’t understand how a video can be viewed so well and still not push sales.  It’s a good thing I’m not a manager.  Does anyone really know?  Amanda and I traded emails about this very topic last night.  I feel as though while no, the band does not need to sell as they did back in 1984 (although lets be honest here – that’d really be nice for them) – sales still matter.  Live shows are great, and sure, they could become a purely live show band and stop writing, but somehow I suspect that wouldn’t be enough.  What to do…what to do…

Warren fans take heed…TV Mania is coming!!  Anyone who has been reading Salvo’s Duranasty website (and everyone should!) knows that the day has finally come where TV Mania will be released…sometime this year. I detected a slight annoyance in Warren’s tone when he described the release as “Yeah, ten years later.”  That nasty Duran-time seems to bleed into everything, doesn’t it?  There’s no real promotion set up for this release, as Nick mentioned that he’d be touring with Duran Duran, so it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.  Watch this space, as I’m sure Daily Duranie will be reviewing this project!

Dom Brown was really singing the blues several days back (corny? absolutely!!) when his hard drive, containing the brand new blues album he has been working on with his father, decided it’s time was up. Poor Dom made mention of this last night on Twitter.  “It wasn’t a good place to be for a day or so…. so reliant on technology it’s a little frightening!!” Luckily, it all ended on a good note, thanks to a marathon 16 hour mixing session to finish!  Looking forward to hearing the fruits of all of that labor, as I’m sure Daily Duranie will be doing a review (we’re going to be really busy with reviews!) as soon as the album is available!  I’ve also made a mental note to back up my computer today, thanks to Dom.  Our entire manuscript is on this laptop, and while Amanda also has a copy on hers – I worry about losing the work I’m currently revising (that blasted social network chapter!)  If my hard drive crashed right now, I’d be spending some quality time with my Grey Goose vodka and some olives, that is for sure.

In other fangirl news…I am seeing reports right now that Davy Jones, once of The Monkees, has passed away from a heart attack.  He was 66 years old.  Now, let me just share that while I’ve not mentioned this publicly, I was a HUGE FAN of THE MONKEES.  Huge.  I wasn’t even born when their show was on the air, but I watched reruns every. single. day.  I can remember eating my PB&J’s, sitting on the couch, watching The Monkees each lunchtime. (my mom was pretty cool about letting me eat in the living room, apparently)  They were truly my first “crush” I suppose…and I’ve even seen them in concert back when they reunited.  Daydream believer?  You bet…and at the age of 3 and 4 I probably thought I was going to marry Davy Jones.  It didn’t quite occur to me that there was a significant age difference and that by the time I was watching that show, he was already 5 or 6 years older than what I was seeing.  Never mind that.  I was taking that Last Train to Clarksville and I was definitely meeting him at the station, just as soon as I could read a map!   My heart is very, very heavy at the moment.  I was planning to go see him when he came in concert near me later this spring.

I’m going to go play some of my Monkees albums, and be thankful that a few of my idols are still walking this planet with me……   And they’d better KEEP on walking!


2 thoughts on “Too Much Information (not really!)”

  1. Hi Rhonda,

    really sorry for your loss… I can understand you, I was a huge fan of Queen. When Freddie died I was devasted and i cried a lot. My first ever show live was with Queen in Montreal back in 1980 and 1981 (it was filmed and you can see it on the dvd Queen Live Montreal). At least music is eternal and we can listen to it for ever.

    You were talking about me mmmm “Warren fans” 😉 well I will believe it when I see it for TV Mania. Hahaha But I do hope it is real.

    About Girls Panic video and sales… Well I don't know what to think. I guess we “the fans” saw the clip 5 millions times. And as we have bought the cd of course it won't give any more sales. I still think this isn,t the best song of the cd not more than AYNIN. They keep selecting the wrong songs as single. Of course this is MY point of view and each of us will have a different choice on the cd but. I think they have to capture attention with their music not with beautiful women half naked. ( I do love beautiful women half naked but will not buy a cd because in a clip I can see some of them). They have to create a surprise they have to shocked ! I still think the best songs on the cd for that would have been The Man Who Stolled a Leopard for its uniqueness or Being Followed for the rythm and a bit of hard sound (thanks to Dom guitar). They really have to put some guitar like in Andy's time of Warren time. Andy particularly was aggresive in his way to play and people love that mix of bass beat, drum rythm, spacy synth and raw guitar. Now we have the magic bass back the superb drum back but Dom isn't given enough place. If they could not have Andy and if they don't want Warren they should use Dom at his full potential.


  2. Here here for unleashing Dom and letting him play!!! 😀

    My husband is a fan of Queen, in fact – we have that DVD. 🙂 Yes, it was very sad to hear of Davy's death. Mostly just very hard to believe, and of course it's a part of my childhood that I won't be able to have back. That's really part of the grief, I think.

    There are a lot of Warren fans out there, and I think it's great that he and Nick are finally releasing that project. I'm very interested in seeing/hearing it! -R

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