Top 10 Live Songs That Should Be Played More!

I had a blog post, not too long ago, about my top 10 favorite songs/moments live.  That list was created from the songs that they had been playing frequently, at least on the most recent tour.  Of course, there are plenty of other songs that they have played that they only played one or two times or only played during a certain tour.  Some of those songs are ones that I miss terribly and would absolutely ADORE hearing them played live again.  This is my list of the top 10 of those songs that they have played live, that I have seen performed live, but should definitely play more, in no particular order.

Secret Oktober-
I saw this one once and only once, in Brighton in December 2011.  I doubt that Rhonda and I will ever forget the moment of recognition.  We heard the first few notes, took a second or two to process, then looked at each other and hugged.  Yes, we are dorks but this was very exciting and was one of the highlights of that tour for us.  Beyond us, I suspect that there are a lot of fans who would really love to hear this one live again and again.  Here is a version from a Florida show in 2011.

Sound of Thunder-
I only saw this song in 2005, in the summer shows from what I remember and it was combined with I Feel Love and/or Hold Back the Rain.  I would love to hear the song on its own.  It is such a great song and truly captures a moment in Duran history, being the first song that they wrote together.  This is a clip with Hold Back the Rain from 2006.
Finest Hour-
This song might be my favorite song off of Astronaut.  For me, the song is political in nature and has been used to motivate me in the middle of an exhausting political campaign.  Of course, I also love that the song could be a representation of the band taking back their place as a band that MATTERS.  I only saw this song once in Dayton, Ohio, in the summer of 2005.  I would love, love, love to hear it again.
Red Carpet Massacre-
There is something about this song.  I’m not sure if it is that John asks the crowd to clap with him, which always seems to motivate me or the fact that I feel that there is a HUGE subtext to this song that goes much deeper and hits much closer to home than celebrities and the media.  Nonetheless, it is one song off of RCM that I truly do enjoy and would love to hear live again.
Lonely in Your Nightmare-
I have seen this song performed live once.  It was at that dreaded fan show in 2007.  Simon struggled to remember the words and it seemed like they had not practiced the song before the show or for a long time.  It was disappointing and I really do like the song.  Thus, I would like to hear it with the quality that it should have.  Heck, I couldn’t even find a good live clip of this one.  🙁 
New Religion-
When we did our daily question regarding the favorite Duran song, this is the song that ended up as the top.  Obviously, this shows that I’m not the only one who loves, loves, loves this song.  Unfortunately, the only time I heard it live was in the summer of 2005.  It went over well then and would go over well now.  While it is an album track, it is one that a lot of people know.

Too Much Information-
I only heard this one live during the Wedding Album tour.  The real question here is why?  Obviously, they play tracks off of this commercially successful album.  Yet, they only stick to the ballads.  Why not shake it up a bit?  Besides, this is another song with a message that fit in the early 90s and still fits today.

The Man Who Stole a Leopard-
Yes, they played this one, sometimes, during the last tour.  Interestingly enough, though, I heard it more in the UK for 4 shows than I did during the 7 shows I saw in the US.  Maybe, the band doesn’t think this song would go over or did go over well in the US.  Some of us really appreciated each and every time it was played.  I still think there is something magical about an entire venue clapping all together in the beginning of this track.

Tricked Out-
I know that Rhonda has mentioned this one before and recently.  I was lucky enough to see it during the band’s Broadway run for the album, Red Carpet Massacre.  I couldn’t believe the energy level coming off the stage especially with those guitar players.  Then, of course, the screens behind the band flashed newspaper headlines.  I was overwhelmed.  Thrilled.

Last but certainly not least is Serious.  I remember hearing this one during 2006, accompanied with My Own Way or Nice.  Every single time it was played, the Duranies went CRAZY.  Absolutely crazy.  It is clearly a fan favorite.

So, there is my list of songs I have heard live but want to hear more as of today.  What songs have you heard live and think that they should be played more?


14 thoughts on “Top 10 Live Songs That Should Be Played More!”

  1. I wish they would play the Chauffeur. I LOVE that song. I heard Rio the tribute band play it recently and it was SO good. Just love the song. Maybe they could pair it with Leopard?

  2. It's funny, but to me on the stage the songs they rarely perform are played at their best.
    I'd love to hear more frequently the 7th stranger, new religion, all she wants is, serious, zoomin in, mediterranea, american science, lake shore driving, read my lips, finest hour.
    I picked my fave top live gems from various concerts and my “run down” is not in any particular order.

  3. Hungry Like the Wolf…

    Seriously…from recent albums, I would say The Valley and Nice. Would also like to hear the full version of I Don't Want Your Love, although was grateful they brought back that chorus-only version for the 2004 tour and of course included it in the 2007 electro set. Even though it was on Arena, I think it would be cool if they brought back The Seventh Stranger–I don't recall ever reading or hearing about it showing up again on the live set since that era. Agree on Too Much Information, Sound of Thunder, Finest Hour.

    It will be interesting to see which songs from AYNIN will be retired from the set in the years to come…guessing that the title track will survive, maybe Safe (gives Anna something to do)…and Girl Panic…

  4. What to do you think the huge subtext in Red Carpet Massacre is, out of curiosity(I kind of wish they'd bring The Valley back from RCM the album but the title track is great live as well)?

  5. I like a lot of your choices: The Seventh Stranger, New Religion, Serious, Finest Hour. That said, if they play Zoom In, not only will I go to the bathroom during that song. Not my favorite, by any stretch of the imagination!


  6. Someone Else Not Me. They played it in Las Vegas 1999, London in 1999 and the tour in 2000. I love that song. I accept that the Wembley 98 concert got me back into them after losing my way around the cancelled 93 tour, so I might be a little biased but I think Pop Trash is a pretty damn good album. I guess I know those songs won't ever get another airing but stuff like Playing With Uranium and Last Day On Earth sounded great live.

  7. Steve, absolutely agree, those songs really rocked out, even the ballads off that album had more of a guitar/edge live than they did on the album (well I guess most of Duran's songs are that way…ahem…Mr. Rhodes…).

    Anyway, you never know with the band–they may pull a rabbit out of the hat at some point and bring one of them back (if they brought songs like Serious and Electric Barbarella back…then who knows…?!)

  8. The obvious answer seems to be that the band needs to play a massive 3-4hr set each date of their tours. Haha! Tiring for them but awesome for fans, right? 🙂

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