Top 15 Duran Duran Lyrics

The results are in! I have combined both the lists sent to me and the poll regarding what people think are the 15 best Duran Duran songs in terms of lyrics. Here they are:

#15 What Are the Chances

#14 A Matter of Feeling

Tied for #12 Before the Rain

Tied for #12 Do You Believe in Shame

Tied for #9 The Man Who Stole a Leopard

Tied for #9 New Religion

Tied for #9 Save a Prayer

#8 The Universe Alone

Tied for #6 Come Undone

Tied for #6 Careless Memories

Tied for #4 The Seventh Stranger

Tied for #4 Lonely in Your Nightmare

#3 The Chauffeur

#2 Secret Oktober

#1 Ordinary World

That’s it, people. What do you think? Personally, I was not super surprised by the choices as many of the songs chosen are more poetic than most. I also found it interesting that some of the more obscure lyrics were not included. I’m thinking here about songs like Union of the Snake. Then, I also noticed which albums were included and which weren’t in the top 15 list. The ones included were the 1st album, Rio, Seven, Notorious, Big Thing, the Wedding Album, All You Need Is Now and Paper Gods. If we go past the top 15 songs, I believe that a song was chosen from each album by someone. I think this is a testament to Duran’s massive catalog and their ability to write some down right amazing lyrics.


5 thoughts on “Top 15 Duran Duran Lyrics”

  1. So the two that tied were counted as individual votes?(There was no specific #5) I would love to see the entire poll. What I mean is the entire list you made with the votes for every song. For example, I voted for Someone Else Not Me because there is a line that goes ‘but it’s not defeat when you set somebody free’ that just is so wonderful that I can’t believe it didn’t make the top 15.I guess I’d be interested in the entire thing just to see if I’m crazy or did other less popular songs touch a nerve for anybody else.

    1. The list of songs chosen is really long! There were many songs that were chosen just once or twice. This is common for these types of tasks simply because Duran has so many good songs/lyrics. -A

  2. I picked up these songs that are in common with the final chart: Rio – The 7th stranger – Careless Memories
    You did a sterling job: thanks for letting us vote.

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