Tour Dates Recap and Speculation

This week in Duranland more tour dates were announced.  The Chicago date was made official and 5 European dates were listed.  Those dates are as follows:  Prague (June 27), Budapest (June 28), Verona, Italy (July 16), Rome (July 18), and Lucca, Italy (July 21).  So where does that leave the world tour in 2012?  Will more dates be added?  Where?  When?  Obviously, I don’t have a clue but I can give a recap about what we do know and then I can ponder about what I think!

Here are the complete list of dates that we do know for 2012, courtesy of 
March 19-Melbourne, Australia
March 20-Adelaide, Australia
March 24-Perth, Australia
March 27-Sydney, Australia
March 31-Hunter Valley, Australia
April 28-Brasilia, Brazil
April 30-Rio de Janiero, Brazil
May 2-Sao Paulo, Brazil
May 4-Buenos Aires, Brazil
May 8-Santiago, Chile
June 27-Prague, Czech Republic
June 28-Budapest, Hungary
July 16-Verona, Italy
July 18-Rome, Italy
July 21-Lucca, Italy
July 23-Carcassonne, France
August 29-Highland Park, Illinois, US (Chicago)

Okay.  Where are there gaps?  When is it likely that they will take a break?  Have they gone everywhere we expect them to go?  (The key word there is expect.  We know that there are MANY places that they probably won’t go to and should!)  The first question I have is whether or not all of the cancelled shows from last summer have been rescheduled.  As we know, this is not the case.  There are many places that were due to have shows that haven’t been rescheduled.  Some of those places are:  The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, and Norway.  While there are shows scheduled in both France and Italy, those shows are in different locations than the ones scheduled last summer.  Obviously, there are a lot of places that are due to have shows!  When could they be added to their schedule?  Then, of course, we have all heard that they are due to come back to the States, which fits with that Chicago show.  (Again, I’m not saying if I think this is good or bad here, people.  Just acknowledging the fact.)

Right now, they will be in Australia until the end of March.  The next group of shows happen at the end of April.  This leads them about 4 weeks of break.  Of course, some of that time might not be a real break as they might have promotion to do, including interviews and whatnot.  The group of shows in South America ends May 8th.  The next group of shows is the end of June.  This would give them a “break” from shows of 7 weeks.  While I think 3-4 weeks seems common for Duran, 7 weeks seems like a long time.  Will they then add shows before Prague and Budapest?  Maybe.  They could schedule for some other places in Europe.  After those 2 shows, they have about 2 weeks before Italy.  Will they fill in other European dates there?  Again, that seems possible to me.  Then, there is a month between Italy and the first known US date.  Will more US dates be added before or after Chicago?  Maybe Chicago is in the middle of the US dates.  Will anything be added after the US?  None of us know as of yet but time will tell. 

I am sure that there are many, many fans who are anxious to see what else Duran has planned.  On top of that, I’m sure that there are many, many fans who really want this information sooner rather than later!  I know that I will be waiting, watching, speculating and then commenting about what they do or don’t do!!!


4 thoughts on “Tour Dates Recap and Speculation”

  1. Hi, in your lsting of dates above you have left off the first date in Australa, on Saturday March 17 they played in Brisbane. They hadn't played in Oz since 2008, and I think they are as excited to be here as we are to see them! It was a great concert.

    Thanks for our site, fantastic!


  2. Fair enough. Melbourne was wowed last night! When I saw the dates above I immediately thought of the Olympics. Any more word on what might be happening? I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the last day, right back to when you started.

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