Two days and I’m out of the loop!

Happy very late Monday night California time.  I apologize for the blog being late today.  I was in San Luis Obispo for a quick getaway with the family, and although I attempted to blog – due to circumstances beyond MY control, it wasn’t working properly to blog with my iPad.  (note to blogger: your new interface is incredibly stupid.  Love, me.)  As a result, this blog is going to be very short – and I’ll be typing yet another edition of Daily Duranie in about 8 hours!

As I mentioned, I was away for the weekend.  Typically when I go away I do carry my cell phone and my iPad, but I don’t really use them much – they’re more for emergency (cell phone) and entertainment (iPad – all of my reading material is on there!).  As a result, I tend to start getting the shakes after about the second day because I literally feel as though I have no idea what’s going on in the world.  In fact, I forgot today was even Monday until my husband mentioned it as we were getting packed up this morning, and I’m going to be even sadder when the alarm goes off tomorrow at 6am.

Getting away this weekend was a nice treat.  We went with some very close friends, and our days consisted of going to the beach where we were completely windblown (i.e. VERY cheap dermabrasion!) while we looked for sand dollars, watched elephant seals with their babies, and watched our kids run around like crazy people.  In the afternoon we went into Paso Robles, which is an area with quite a few wineries – did some tastings – went to dinner and then settled into our hotel rooms for the night.  The kids loved having time to just hang out, and we thoroughly enjoyed the lack of schedule for a change.

Today on the way home, we stopped in Pismo Beach.  I love that area because while it’s warmer than it is in Cambria a little farther up the coast, it’s still not Los Angeles or Orange County with crowds of people.  The beach is wide, with beautiful sugary sand, and if you’re lucky you can find sea glass.  On a trip to Hawaii a few years back, my husband and I discovered the joy of searching for sea glass.  The beauty is that it takes no special talent and very little brainwork.  You just look down, and if you’re lucky and you pay attention, you might find a treasure.  We have a couple glass jars at home that we fill with the glass, and believe it or not – we can even tell you on what beach we found many of the pieces.  Yes, it might sound corny, but its a nice way to spend an afternoon.  It was while we were combing for sea glass that I realized I’d been gone since Friday and had hardly though of the book or Duran Duran.  For the first time ever, I actually felt like I really had reason to take a vacation!   You see, as a stay at home parent, my work kind of goes along with me.  There really aren’t “days off” from parenting, nor do I truly expect them.  That said, I haven’t had a job that pays money since I was 26 years old, or just about the time I had my oldest.  While I have worries I often wish to get away from, typically they don’t involve  work.  This time however, I found myself enjoying the fact that I didn’t need to think of a blog to write, a chapter to finish, nagging worries about changes we want to make or goals we have for Daily Duranie, and most of all, I didn’t give a second thought to what the band must be up to in their time off.

On the drive home I checked Facebook, saw that the world was still operating well without me, and silently put my phone away, knowing I’d have all day tomorrow to catch up.


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