Types of Fans

As the release date for both the “All You Need Is Now” single and album move closer, it is interesting to see the comments made by fans on message boards, social networking sites, etc.  It seems to me that the fans are reacting to the snippets and youtube clips of the new material in predictable ways, depending on the type of fans they are.  The first type of fan is the person who is just excited by anything that the band does no matter what, including these new songs.  The second type of fan is the person who is critical of everything the band does.  The third and final type of fan is the one who in between.  Are all these types of fans valid ones?  Equal ones?  I suppose it depends on how one defines a fan.

Should fans accept and love everything that the object of affection does?  Is that what a fan should do?  Fans become fans because they found something special in the person/band/whatever that they became fans of.  Does that mean that they must always be something special forever?  Can you be a fan if you disagree or dislike something that the celebrity/celebrities of your choice does?  What if you stop supporting that person/persons/organizations?  For example, does every Duran Duran fan have to like every album?  Do they have to buy every album?  On the other hand, can you be a fan if you disagree with everything that the band/celebrity does?  I would question that.  Doesn’t being a fan mean that you LIKE something?  Wouldn’t a so-called Duran fan like some music of Duran Duran?  I suppose the “always critical” fan could have liked something in the past and now doesn’t like anything.  To that end, though, why stick around?  Why continue the discussion?  Why spend time on message boards and post?  Is there some joy is expressing negative thoughts and opinions?  I admit that I don’t understand.

Of course, on the same token, I don’t understand the fans that LOVE everything.  I don’t believe that being a fan means that you have to stop being critical.  Fans can and should think about whether or not something is good or bad.  I don’t think fans have to like everything, especially in a fandom with as long of a history as the Duranie world.  Duran Duran has released a ton of songs, videos, etc.  I think it would be weird to love every song the same.  How is that even possible?  Should it?  Therefore, when the song and album comes out, our readers should understand that Rhonda and I won’t say that every song is fabulous unless we think they are.  If we think they suck, we will say so but we will also explain our thinking.  Of course, we won’t be negative about everything as well.  I wouldn’t think that would be fun.  If I stop having fun and stop finding joy, I’m going to leave.  Now, I can’t see that happening since I have been a part of this fandom for decades.  Therefore, I will continue to the be the third type of fan.  I will be a person who looks at everything that Duran does with a critical eye.  Yes, I fully expect to love some things and dislike others.  I feel that this is the most respectful thing I can do as a fan, for myself, for other fans and for the band.


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