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It seems that Duran Duran has announced a special show in London on March 7th.  I’m not really sure what is special about it beyond the fact that it is for a BBC Radio 2.  Maybe I was the only one hoping that they would play the entire album at one of their upcoming shows and thought something like that might be considered “special”.  Anyway, another thing that I have been seeing and hearing about over and over again is opinions about the venues.  Some people seem to be more excited by this special show simply because of the venue, which is fascinating to me.  Likewise, I have seen people complain about the choice of large venues for the UK tour.  This is interesting to me because I don’t really have a venue preference.  Is that weird?

I have seen Duran Duran in all sorts of venues.  I have seen them at large outdoor venues, at arenas, at smaller theatres, at places like House of Blues, and more.  I don’t really have a preference other than the fact that I like seats.  I know that I have mentioned that a million times before but I’m not a fan of general admission.  I hate standing for hours and having to fight to keep my spot.  I’m sure that a lot of people have a preference for a specific type of venue because they have seen better shows there, especially if they were better Duran shows.  I can get that.  Yet, I have seen really great shows at all types of venues.  For example, I loved the Chicago show in the spring of 2005, which was at a large venue.  I also really liked the Broadway show that I went to in 2007, which was at a small theatre. 

What I find particularly fascinating by this preference isn’t that it is there, but that it has been a factor in some people’s decision to go to a show or not.  Obviously, I can understand other fans wanting to go to the best Duran show possible.  For me, though, I think all Duran shows have the chance to be really great–no matter the type of venue.  A show is more than a venue or even the sound quality that comes from the right type of venue.  A good show for me depends on the crowd, the band’s energy, interactions with the band and other fans.  Yes, bad sound quality could definitely have an impact on a show (I won’t ever forget the 2007 fan show…).  Yet, I haven’t seen much of that.  Of course, I have seen not great performances and some problems with the sound but, typically, they haven’t been that bad and they don’t usually last long.  I don’t know.  Generally, I guess I feel pretty lucky to be at a Duran show at all. 


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  1. I think for most people it boils down to “did I have a good experience there or not?” and if they had a bad experience there once, they think it will always be bad.

    I generally hate GA shows, too. I like to have a seat and a little space to call my own. But one of the best shows I went to was at the Roseland Ballroom in NY — it was a last-minute venue change for one of the cancelled Barrymore Theater shows on the RCM Broadway run. Even though it was GA, it was really civil and there wasn't much pushing and shoving. When John threw his guitar pick into the audience and it pinged me in the eye, another girl picked it up off the floor and gave it to me!

    But then the fan show at the Hammerstein Ballroom wasn't quite as good an experience for me (but not BAD by any means), so I have less fond memories of that venue. But that doesn't mean I'd refuse to go if they had another show there.

    I do prefer venues that have more lax photography rules, because I like to take pictures! Otherwise, I don't really care as long as I have a good seat and the band is feeling good and enjoying themselves.

  2. We were at Barrymore in NY in 2007 and it was by far our favorite show. Smaller venues with seats are always first choice, and like you we try to avoid acGA situation whenever possible. I think these added shows are in response to the demand and hopefully we'll get to hear the same stuff at the regular shows!

  3. semibold-Very good point about photography issues! I agree that it is always nice to be somewhere where you can take pictures without problem!

    TG-I, too, hope that we will hear the same stuff at all the upcoming shows!


  4. I totally agree that the entire subject comes down to whether you can look back and say you had a good experience. I've been to GA shows that have honestly been great, and others that you couldn't pay me to relive. (unless of course I were sitting between Roger and Dom onstage – in which case the entire topic takes on whole new meaning!)

    I'm actually looking forward to the huge UK venues – mainly because I think the energy in those places is fantastic, and having seats near the front – well, I'm really excited. 🙂 That said, I also love the smaller venues, as long as the band is really into the show – that makes all the difference!

    There have been shows that I've been to that SHOULD have been off the charts crazy, and yet they were almost boring because for whatever reason, the band didn't seem with it that night – and as much as I complain, it happens. I don't have to like it, but it does happen.

    What's really fascinating though, is when I'll think a show went really well, and others will say it was horrible. That's when I scratch my head and wonder if we were all at the same show! 🙂 -R

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