Ultimate Box Set: Album Tracks Part 2

Right now, this little blog is in the process of trying to develop an “ultimate Duran Duran box set”.  Obviously, the song choices will not be coming from Rhonda and myself alone but will be from the fans who participate.  A couple of weeks ago, we started with 7 singles.  Then, we have moved on to album tracks.  I figured it would be too hard to just pick 7 songs from all of the album tracks that are out there.  Thus, last week, I decided to break down the choices by albums.  Fans who participated voted for 7 album tracks from the first three albums.  I’ll report on those results tomorrow.  Now, we move on to the next three albums:  Notorious, Big Thing and Liberty.

If you would like to take part in this fun, simply click on the 7 songs that you think should be considered to be part of the ultimate box set.  After this week, we will do two more like this with the remaining albums.  Once all four parts are completed, there will be 28 album tracks to choose from.  I hope that this will be easier for people than all the tracks, all at once.  Enough explanation from me.  It is time to vote!!

Which 7 songs should be considered for the Duran Duran ultimate box set?


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2 thoughts on “Ultimate Box Set: Album Tracks Part 2”

  1. Just to “anticipate” that 3 of my original album tracks off my list off these albums were Proposition, American Science and Read my Lips.
    I had to pick 4 more tracks off here.
    Keep up the amazing job!

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