Ultimate Box Set: Album Tracks Part 5!

Duranies have been assigned a fun task.  We have been charged to create (on paper) a Duran Duran Ultimate Box Set.  This box set should have 7 singles, 7 album tracks, 7 b-sides/demos, 7 live tracks and 7 side/solo project songs.  So far, the readers of this little blog have chosen the 7 singles.  We have been working on the album tracks.  Over the course of 4 weeks, we have narrowed the possible list of album tracks to just over 28 songs, which was challenging enough.  Now, it is time to pick just 7 from this list.  That’s right, we need to pick 7 songs from this list of favorite album tracks.

I will admit that this is going to be a challenging vote.  I know that it will be challenging for even me.  My only advice is just to go with your gut and pick the songs quickly.  Don’t overthink it.  Good luck.  I know that I look forward to the results.  Then, we get to move on to b-sides and demos, which will probably prove to be challenging as well.


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2 thoughts on “Ultimate Box Set: Album Tracks Part 5!”

  1. Wow …!
    Off my orginal list I voted again Friends of Mine, American Science, Edge of America and Watching the detectives.
    It means 4 out of the 7 requested arrived in the final run down.
    Keep up the amazing job, ladies !!

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