Ultimate Box Set: Album Tracks Results Part 1

I like giving homework.  More specifically, I like giving Duran Duran homework.  The teacher in me recognizes that the assignment needs to be “accessible” in order for students, or in this case–fans, to complete it.  The format needs to be friendly and definitely should understand that people are pretty dang busy these days.  Heck, I’m super busy.  You should see my to-do list.  It is ridiculously long and that is just for today!  I digress.

The overall homework was for fans to create their ultimate Duran Duran Box Set.  The criteria includes 7 singles, 7 album tracks, 7 b-sides or demos, 7 live tracks and 7 side or solo project songs.  I presented it and few participated.  I changed the format to be simple polls for each category.  Then, I realized that I need to divide up the album tracks.  There are too many of them!  Here are the results for the first part of the album tracks.  The album tracks were divided into sets.  The first one focused on the first album, Rio and Seven and the Ragged Tiger.  Here are the results and my analysis.  Before that, though, I’ll remind everyone about the singles that were chosen:


  1. Planet Earth
  2. Save a Prayer
  3. Ordinary World
  4. Girls on Film
  5. Pressure Off
  6. Rio
  7. New Moon on Monday

1st Set of Album Tracks:

  1. Friends of Mine
  2. New Religion
  3. The Chauffeur
  4. The Seventh Stranger
  5. Hold Back the Rain
  6. Lonely in Your Nightmare
  7. Anyone Out There

These 7 tracks will be added to the three other sets that will be determined in future weeks.  From there, fans will chose 7 tracks from 28 total.


I cannot say that I was surprised by these results.  I figured that New Religion would be high on the list as would Friends of Mine and The Chauffeur.  Likewise, there was only one song off of Seven and the Ragged Tiger.  Again, from every survey we have ever done, that album is clearly not as popular or as loved as the first two.  If I had to look at one song that surprised me, that song would be  Anyone Out There.  I might have guessed for a song like Sound of Thunder or Last Chance on the Stairway to take that last spot.  Alas, Anyone Out There took it.

Now, this week, fans get to pick 7 songs off of the next three albums:  Notorious, Big Thing and Liberty.  I have some idea of the songs that might be chosen but…I suspect there will be more surprises.  Have you participated yet?  If not, go here!


One thought on “Ultimate Box Set: Album Tracks Results Part 1”

  1. On my original list and off the albums involved my picks were Friends of mine and Shadows on your side
    Friends of Mine was the number one of this set and I’m surprised no Seven and The Ragged Tiger album track is in, apart from the 7th stranger. Duh?

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