Ultimate Box Set: Album Tracks Results

Our long time project of developing a song list for a Duran Duran Ultimate Box Set continues.  The idea was to ask the fans which songs they think should be included in a box set.  The songs would include 7 singles, 7 album tracks, 7 b-sides/demos, 7 live tracks and 7  side/solo projects.  So far, fans have made their choices about the first two categories:  singles and album tracks.  The results are as follows:


  1. Planet Earth
  2. Save a Prayer
  3. Ordinary World
  4. Girls on Film
  5. Pressure Off
  6. Rio
  7. New Moon on Monday

Album Tracks:

  1. New Religion
  2. The Chauffeur
  3. Hold Back the Rain
  4. Friends of Mine
  5. The Man Who Stole a Leopard
  6. The Seventh Stranger
  7. Paper Gods

Analysis of the Album Tracks:

The album track choices that fans could have voted for included songs from all the albums except for Astronaut, which I discussed last week.  Despite having the possible picks from the entire Duran catalog and history, the final results included 3 songs from Rio, 1 from the 1st album, 1 from Seven and the Ragged Tiger, 1 from All You Need Is Now, and 1 from Paper Gods.  Despite many fans liking or even loving those albums in between the Fab Five era and the post-reunion era, no songs were selected from that huge chunk of material.

Let’s compare the results of the singles in that way.  Which albums were represented?  The 1st album, Rio, the Wedding Album, Paper Gods and Seven and the Ragged Tiger were represented.  Fascinating.  If I were to combine the results of the singles and the album tracks, it appears that Duranies really prefer the early Duran period and the most recent Duran period.  Ordinary World from the Wedding Album is the exception to this rule.

Beyond this, are there any other patterns to the album tracks that were picked?  I notice that many of the album tracks were more artistic in nature other being pop songs.  Songs like the Chauffeur, The Man Who Stole a Leopard, Paper Gods all fit that description.  Even Friends of Mine and New Religion might fit that.  Surrounding those artistic songs is one more upbeat song (Hold Back the Rain) and one ballad (The Seventh Stranger).  The results from the singles were almost the opposite with 5 more upbeat songs and 2 ballads.

What patterns do you think?  What do you think of these choices?  Any predictions for what b-sides/demos will be chosen?  If you haven’t vote for those, go here!


3 thoughts on “Ultimate Box Set: Album Tracks Results”

  1. I’m glad “my” Friends of Mine is in the Top 7.
    It seems to me we didn’t put in the rundown anything between the early day and the Dom’s era, in other terms, we buried Warren and the 18 years we spent together.
    As for the B Sides demos, I think Secret Oktober will be in, can’t tell much for the others.

  2. I think the choices so far say a lot about the relationships we, Duranies have had personally and how DD have been a part of these relationships. In a lot of ways, DD has been the constant in our lives, when some relationships have not. Duran has been there for all of those fabulous, fun times; they have gotten us through the tough times and have shown us the way when maybe we were somewhat lost. So I think the choices we have made reflect this. Although we may all love the newer albums (Astronaut &YNIN & PaperGods for instance) we have not really established the same relationship that we had with Duran Duran, 7 & the Ragged Tiger and Rio – those albums just seemed to speak to Duranies and still do today. Not a day goes by that I don’t smile when I hear 7th Stranger or My Own Way for instance. The fun thing now though – the memories that we are creating when going to the shows on this tour. Duranies now are getting to know Dom – PaperGods is speaking to us in a whole different way.
    I think that if the same questions are asked 10 years from now for the ultimate box set – the results may shift a bit more toward “the newer” albums. Maybe!

    1. It’s about time people are getting to know Dom. He’s been playing with the band for over ten years now. LOL -R

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