Ultimate Box Set: B-Sides Part 1

A few months ago, we started a fun little task around here.  We asked that Duranies everywhere vote to develop a Duran Duran Ultimate Box Set.  This box set will contain 7 singles, 7 album tracks, 7 b-sides/demos, 7 live tracks and 7 side/solo project songs.  Through weeks of voting, the 7 singles have been chosen as have the 7 album tracks.  Now is the time to move on to b-sides and demos.  This section proved a bit more difficult for me to develop.  I’m pretty confident in my Duran knowledge.  Yet, I had to do some additional research to create the complete list of b-sides and demos.  I’m willing to bet that I missed a few (probably MORE than a few!).

In doing my research, I discovered that there are a lot more b-sides than what I originally thought.  Here’s the thing.  Back in the day, as much as I hate that phrase, b-sides were literally located on the back of singles, 45s, whatever you want to call them.  In recent decades, there are no 45s.  Instead, b-sides have morphed into extra tracks.  Therefore, I put all extra songs into the b-side category.  This meant that the b-sides number more than 30.  Wow.  I didn’t think that I could chose just 7 from all of the 30+ b-sides.  Then, if I added demos, the list grows even bigger.  EEK!

Therefore, much like I did with the album tracks, I split the list.  The poll here has about 18 or so b-sides.  Next week, I’ll do a poll of the rest of the b-sides.  Two weeks from now, it will be the demos before I combine the results into one poll.  On that note, here is the poll for half of the b-sides.  Like always, pick 7 of them.  Unlike always, I left an option to add one, in case I forget a song.  That said, generally, these b-sides are from the 80s.  Next week, I’ll ask about the later ones.

On that note, vote away, people!  Have fun!



2 thoughts on “Ultimate Box Set: B-Sides Part 1”

  1. Off my original list I had picked up Faster than light, Faith in this color and Secret October
    Next part I’ìll pick up the other “original” B Sides.

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