Ultimate Box Set: Demos Results

Last weekend, fans voted on which Duran Duran demos should be considered for our fan created Ultimate Box Set.  In looking at those results, I was not surprised at all by how the vote turned out.

Demos Vote:

First of all, this category produced the least number of votes.  I worried about this as I assumed that there would be less fans familiar with the choices.  I did create a blog with all of the demos listed as well as a chance to listen to all of them.  That said, I do understand how one or two listens to a song is not the same as knowing a song well.  Because of that, I expected the Astronaut demos to do the best because they are really known by many more fans than the rest.

The top 8 demos included:

  1. Beautiful Colours
  2. Salt in the Rainbow
  3. Tel Aviv (original form with lyrics)
  4. TV vs. Radio
  5. Pretty Ones
  6. Girls on Film (demo with Andy Wickett)
  7. A Matter of Fact
  8. Be My Icon (John Taylor vocals)

As you can see by the results, my hypothesis did indeed prove true.  The majority of demos chosen were from the Astronaut era.  Those included Beautiful Colours, Salt in the Rainbow, TV vs. Radio and Pretty Ones.  Many of the remain demos chosen were ones that did eventually get released in different forms.  The demo that does not fit either category is A Matter of Fact.

Box Set Status:

At this point, we have chosen singles and album tracks.  This weekend, we will make our final votes on demos and b-sides.  If you want to vote on that category, please go here.

From here, we will move on to live tracks.  This is a category that is less clear about how to proceed.  Here is where I need people’s advice or thoughts/opinions about how to pick the songs.  I don’t want to just list every song that has been ever played live.  There is simply too dang many.  One option is to ask people for a list of which songs they like to hear live the most, but I doubt I will get many responses.  An alternative is to pick from the list of songs that have played the most.  Setlist.fm can provide that list.  Heck, they list the top 157 songs played live.  I don’t think we would want to vote on all of those!  So, if we go that route, how many songs should I include?  21?  30?  50?

Of course, after live songs, we have one category left:  side/solo project songs.  Then, we will have our Ultimate Duran Duran Box Set.


5 thoughts on “Ultimate Box Set: Demos Results”

  1. As for live songs, are we deciding on what year we want to hear them from? I mean like the way they performed Hungry Like the Wolf in 1987 was absolutely fantastic and made it SO much more enjoyable than just hearing it live one more damn time. The slow sultry live version of Secret Oktober was HOT. I think one of the best versions of that was from 1999. The CURRENT version of Girls on Film live is so good! It is one of the few songs I never tire of, but hearing it tweaked in this way has made it that much more fun to hear. Are the medleys included? I liked the All She Wants Is/Planet Earth medley. It made me laugh. To me, the special and interesting version of songs live is what would make them far more appealing to buy. Special guest performers also adds to it. Like the appearance of Kelis @ the Mayan to sing TMWSAL.Also, obviously songs they have only performed once or twice is a big draw. And old favourites like Make Me Smile are just going to be a popular choice amongst fans. I hope that helps you to narrow down what to vote on.

    1. I think you bring up some good points. I think that I will put up a list of the songs played live most first. Then, I will give people an option to introduce some of those other versions or special appearances, etc. -A

  2. Apart from Tel Aviv, I am little amazed peeps voted things from the Astronaut era.
    The original album is underrated, but it seems we love the demos taken from there: if this can cheer up the guys …
    Ta-dah… the “live tracks” category: on my original list I included mostly album tracks never played live, but that I “felt” could work live.
    It is a too personal choice.
    Try to narrow down the list with “your” opinions, it isn’t very “fair” it is much “biased” but the list is too long, otherwise.

    1. I really don’t think you can include songs never played live on the live tracks section. While they might be great live, we really have no idea if they are. I wouldn’t be narrowing anything based on my opinion. I would go from the songs played most live–the question is how many songs should be included in the beginning. -A

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