Ultimate Box Set: Results Part 2

Today, I continue to share the results of fans choices for Duran Duran’s Ultimate Box Set.  I will also add a little analysis, too, because I like to.  I like figuring out the Duran Fan Community.  (Yes, I’m weird.)  In case you missed the beginning of this, I’ll give a quick summary, this idea was created by my friend, Nat.  The idea is to have the fans pick the songs that should be included on a box set, if something like that would be created.


First, we came up with 7 singles that we wanted included in the box set.  They are as follows:

  1. Planet Earth
  2. Save a Prayer
  3. Ordinary World
  4. Girls on Film
  5. Pressure Off
  6. Rio
  7. New Moon on Monday

Album Tracks to Choose From:

Instead of listing the entire catalog of album tracks and force people to choose 7 from ALL of them, I broke down the albums into sets and asked people to choose 7 from each set.  So far, we have completed the first two sets (1st album through Liberty).  Here are the results so far:

  1. Friends of Mine
  2. New Religion
  3. The Chauffeur
  4. The Seventh Stranger
  5. Hold Back the Rain
  6. Lonely in Your Nightmare
  7. Anyone Out There
  8. My Antarctica
  9. American Science
  10. A Matter of Feeling
  11. Hold Me
  12. The Edge of America
  13. Palomino
  14. Vertigo

Once all four sets are completed, then fans will pick the 7 songs from that list of 28.


When I look at the 7 album tracks that were picked from the albums of Notorious, Big Thing and Liberty, I notice that the overwhelming majority of songs came from Notorious.  I could not have predicted that.  In fact, I would have thought that the majority of song would have come from Big Thing.  For example, I am really surprised that Land was not chosen.  I also rarely hear fans rave over the Notorious album.  Obviously, I know that the band plays the title track live and that it generally gets a positive response but…I don’t hear the push for those album tracks.  On the other hand, I was not surprised that Liberty’s album tracks were not selected often.  Liberty is not the most popular album amongst fans.  I didn’t realize that My Antarctica was that popular, however.

Then, when I look at all the album tracks selected so far, I realize that  there is a range from more of the Duran dance tracks like Hold Back the Rain to more of the mid-tempo range like Friends of Mine to more ballads like My Antarctica.  On that sense, I think the fans are doing a good job making sure that all of Duran’s skills and range are shown.  Of course, this may change with the actual vote of album tracks.

For the next couple of weeks, fans will choose album tracks from The Wedding Album, Thank You, Medazzaland and Pop Trash.  I would love for as many fans to participate as possible.  After all, the more who do, the more accurate the results.  To vote, go to this blog here!


One thought on “Ultimate Box Set: Results Part 2”

  1. Well, well….
    my album tracks off the albums of this part of the poll originally were:
    American Science, Lake Shore Driving, Proposition.: only American Science is in the list at no. 9.
    Read my Lips and Liberty off Liberty, which both do not appear:I realize that fans sometimes still do not realize the several gems the Liberty album featured.

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